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Samsung Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Samsung Washing Machine Price in Pakistan is different & not Same Because Some types of Washing Machine like Front Load, Top Load, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic, Manual Twin Tub Washing Machine prices are different. Yasir Electronics Have a lot of types of Samsung Washing Machine With Different Prices You Can Check Above.

Samsung is an ideal brand for Many Home Appliances. When we think about Laundry Devices, So Samsung Washing Machine Comes to our mind. Is not for Samsung is a brand or high rated company just because their Technology & Durability is Superb. So many Houses use Samsung Like to use Samsung Washing. Because they provide 10 years Warranty in their many products. Samsung Make Different Types of Washing Machine. Like Front Load, Top Load, Washer + Dryer, etc.

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines Pakistan

Samsung Make Different Sizes in Top Load Washing Machine. Like 7 kg to 16 Kg. You Wash Your Laundry by just press the button. All Functions and features have a separate button.

  1. You can Choose Water Level by just press the Button means, Make sure You Know How much Laundry you want to wash then you Decide Water Level, Machine Will Take Water Automatically in Drum.
  2. The machine can take Detergent & Softener Automatically. You just need to add both things in Tray. It will take both things in a Specific Amount.
  3. You can Choose Which Types of fabrics you Want to Wash, Like Blanket, Jeans, Cotton, etc. it Will Help Machine to How Much Detergent and Water can use for Washing Clothes
  4.  You can Select Active Dual Wash Feature, Which Means if you are not satisfied with Automatic Technology So you Can Wash Cloth with your Hands by just Press Active dual Wash.
  5. Samsung Washing Machines has Built-in Sink Where you can Wash your Cloths By your hands

Samsung Front Load Washing Machines in Pakistan

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine is Much Expensive than Top Load Washing Machine. Samsung Made Many Sizes and Models in Front Load Washing Machine. It Also Come in 7kg to 16 kg, they made Some Model with Washer + Dryer. There Some technologies are very Unique Which is used in there Both Washing Machine

Samsung Washing Machines Diamond Drum Technology

Samsung uses Diamond Drum Technology in their Washing Machines, Which Means They made Designs like Diamond around the Drum of the Washing Machine. That Very To Remove Dark Stains From Clothes.

Samsung Washing Machines Eco Bubble Technology

In this Technology Washing Machines Clean dirty to dirty stain from Clothes, By Mixing Water Detergents.

Why You Should Buy From Yasir Electronics

We are an Official Dealer of Samsung We have all types of Samsung Washing Machines are Available. We have our Own Display Center which is Located in Sadder near Abdullah Haroon Road. Where You Can View Our Products Peace Fully and Comfortably or You Can Buy From Your Home. You Can Order us Online VIA Call or Website. We, Will, Deliver Products on Your Door Step. And if you have any issues With Any Products so You Can call us Our Team Will Served You on the Same Day.