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Samsung 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine WW70TA046AX/EU


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Specifications of Samsung Front Load Washing Machine WW70TA046AX/EU
  • Washing Capacity (kg): 7.0 kg
  • Body color: Inox
  • Door: Carved Door (Black)
  • Panel Display: LED
  • Performance: Energy Efficiency Class A+++
  • Energy Consumption (annual): 103
  • Water Consumption (annual): 7400 L
  • Spin Efficiency: B
  • Noise Level (Wash): 54 dB
  • Noise Level (Spin): 74 dB
  • AI Control: No
  • QuickDrive: No
  • AddWash: No
  • Aqua Hose: No
  • Auto Dispenser: No
  • Bubble Soak: Yes
  • Bubble technology: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Delay End: Yes
  • Drum Clean: Yes
  • Drum Clean+: No
  • Drum type: 2nd Diamond
  • Easy Iron: Yes
  • Intensive: Yes
  • Language Setting: No
  • Leakage Sensor: No
  • Motor: DIT
  • My Cycle: No
  • Pre Wash: Yes
  • Quick Wash: Yes
  • Smart Check: Yes
  • Smart Things: No
  • Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
  • StayClean Drawer: Yes
  • Steam: Yes
  • SuperSpeed: No
  • VRT: No
    Eco 40-60: Yes
  • AI Wash: No
  • 15′ Quick Wash: Yes
  • Active Wear: No
  • Baby Care: No
  • Bedding: Yes
  • Cloudy Day: No
  • Cotton; Yes
  • Colors: Yes
  • Delicates: Yes
  • Denim: No
  • Drain/Spin: Yes
  • Drum Clean
  • Drum Clean+: No
  • Hygiene Steam: Yes
  • Intense Cold: Yes
  • Mixed Load: Yes
  • Outdoor: No
  • Rinse + Spin: Yes
  • Shirts: No
  • Silent Wash: No
  • Synthetics: Yes
  • Towels: No
  • Wool: Yes
    Net Dimension (WxHxD): 600 x 850 x 550 mm
  • Net Weight: 68 kg
  • Gross Dimension (WxHxD): 670 x 890 x 660 mm
  • Gross Weight: 70 kg
  • Full Depth Including Protruding Part: 635 mm
    Smart WiFi Embedded: No
    App Connectivity SmartThings App Support:No

Samsung’s front-loading washing machine WW70TA046AX/EU is perfect for those who want to save energy and get their clothes clean. This washer comes with a variety of features, like 9 preprogrammed wash cycles, 3 water temperatures, and 5 spin speeds. You’ll be able to choose the perfect setting for each load of laundry.

Based on a customer review, the Samsung WW70TA046AX/EU is popular among households with many people who suffer from allergies. This makes it a good choice for those who want to clean their clothing without allergens lurking in the fibers of their garments.

The washing machine is rated as an energy-efficient appliance that could save you up to 50% on electricity use each year based on its superior performance compared to other brands available. It uses less water too! The system adjusts automatically according to load size and soil level so that it can deliver optimal results regardless of what cycle you choose.

Samsung WW70TA046AX/EU is very easy to use, as all you need to do is just put in your detergent and fabric softener. Some people might think that this high-tech machine will give them more headaches than convenience, but it’s actually quite intuitive.

Cleaning Time Wash Temp Spin Speed Soil Level Water Consumption Eco Cotton Regular 60 min Warm 600 rpm Normal High Medium Eco Cotton Delicate 50 min Cold 400 rpm Gentle High Low Delicate Cotton Wool Delicate 45 min Cold 400 rpm Gentle High Low Delicate Mixed Load (cotton and wool) 50 min Hot 800 rpm Normal High Medium Sportswear Quick Wash 40 min Hot 600 rpm Less-Dirty High High

The Samsung WW70TA046AX/EU also has a child lock function so you won’t have to worry about your kids accidentally pressing buttons. Of course, this washer would be useless if it wasn’t able to clean clothes effectively. That’s why its drum is made of stainless steel which efficiently removes dirt from fabric fibers.

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