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Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Refrigerator & Fridge Price in Pakistan are different & not equal Because Some Brand’s Refrigerator Expensive and Some Brand’s Refrigerators is not Expensive. Yasir Electronics Have a lot of types of Refrigerators With Different Prices You Can Check Above.

Refrigerators and Fridge are Best Inventions for our Lady of the House. The Refrigerator can help Human to save Food from Spoilage and keep food a Long time without Losing the quality of food. It can save those foods from Spoilage, which you can’t keep lasting long. Saving Foods using Cold technology is not a new theory, and these days more than 99.5 % of Houses have Fridges. Refrigerators are the most Usual Electronic appliances in our House.

A refrigerator is a very useful Household Product, especially in summer. Lots of People like Some Cold Drinks, Juices, and Cold Desserts, so Refrigerator can very help us in Summer Season. Some time ago, People think about Refrigerators were very Expensive, and just only rich People can afford it. Average of Families had no refrigerator. They just use their Primitive Method to save food from Spoilage. Gradually they know the Value of the Fridge. Now you can see every home has a Refrigerator. In a Market, you can Find Two Types of Fridge one is Defrost and other is No frost, Both also come in Vary Styles on a wide range of Prices. Like: Single Door Fridge, Two Door Refrigerator, Glass Door, Stainless Steel, Four Door Refrigerator/ French door Refrigerator, Bedroom Refrigerator, etc.

Fridge Price in Pakistan

Fridge Price in Pakistan are different & not equal Because Some Brand’s Fridge Expensive and Some Brand’s Fridge is not Expensive. Yasir Electronics Have a lot of types of Fridge With Different Prices You Can Check Above.

In the Modern Era, Technology is also taking over the Refrigerators. Some Companies are also Making Smart Refrigerators. Smart Fridges are very elegant. That’s Means Fridge can know the expiry date of food. And remind you the before the Expiry date. If you have a bad habit of forgetting everything, and your food or milk having Food Spoilage. So Smart Fridge will become your much easier because the Latest type of Refrigerator has Smart Touch Screen on the Door of the Fridge where you can find what actually inside a Refrigerator on a Display. Even you can maintain Stock of your groceries if some item is near to End so you can order it online on Different online Stores. That’s all Features are very convenient, but if you think that’s all feature can Easy your Life Routine So you should go with it; otherwise, you can Buy Normally Refrigerators.

Defrost Refrigerator & Fridge Pakistan

Mostly Defrost Refrigerators are very cheap. And everyone can Afford it Easily. It also has Different Styles like Single Door, Double door, Bedroom Sizes. You can control the temperature of that’s all fridge with the help of a Thermostat. Its starting price is 30,000 to 40,000. But Some People are Really Don’t Like it. Because. Thin Layer of Ice Freezing on the Side Wall of it. We have to clean the ice from the Corner and Side Wall once or Twice in a Month. That’s the Reason People Don’t Like, Due to the Procedure of Cleaning Refrigerators are very time consuming and hard work. And another thing is if you are living in that area Where Having Load Shedding Issues So you Should go With Defrost Refrigerator Because it keeps Food Save till 15 to 20 hours, Without Electricity.

No Frost Refrigerator & Fridge Pakistan

No-frost Refrigerators are Very Expensive. Not any can afford it. It also has Different Styles Like Double Door, French Door, Bottom Freezer, etc. it Starting Price 80,000 to 100,000. Most you can find in Big Houses, Bungalows and Spacious Flats. No Frost Fridges Durability is Very Long Lasting. And the Technology of no Frost Fridge is outstanding. It maintains the Quality of Fruits, Vegetable, and keep them Fresh and Healthy. Some companies use Dual Inverter Technology in Their No frost Refrigerators, which is to Maintain Electricity Consumption, is less. And cleaning process of No frost Refrigerator is much Easier than Defrost Fridges.

Which Types of Brands Refrigerators & Fridges We are selling??

Yasir Electronics are Selling Many Important & Local Brands. We have LG, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic Refrigerators are Available also we Deal in Commercial Refrigerators & Fridges. That’s all giving are very High rated in the World. They Giving Best Service to their Customers.

Why You Should Buy From Yasir Electronics

We have that’s all types of Refrigerator & Fridges are Available. We have our Own Display Center, which is Located in Sadder near Abdullah Haroon Road. Where You Can View Our Products Peace Fully and Comfortably or You Can Buy From Your Home. You Can Order us Online VIA Call or Website. We, Will, Deliver Products on Your Door Step. And if you have any issues With Any Products so You Can call us. Our Team Will Served You on the Same Day.