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Aftron Air Conditioners price in Pakistan

Over the years, Aftron Air Conditioners has built its large scope and position in consumer s houses. Now you’re presented with the top Aftron Air Conditioners that are truly top of the line. Aftron specializes in air conditioning services. Their wide range of Awnings, ductwork, and other systems are amazing and will leave your house looking very pleasing and elegant. Aftron is truly the top A/C companies around.

Aftron ac is a pioneer in air conditioning. Aftron’s began producing their A/C products way back in 1937. In this period, Aftron Air Conditioning Units have won numerous awards from prestigious organizations such as The National Electric Contractors Association and The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association. Aftron Air Conditioning Systems is a top-notch product that has been built to last. They offer various styles of air filters and control knobs for your convenience.

When it comes to A/C units, most people think of Aftron AC. However, Aftron Air Conditioning Products can cool pools and homes as well. Aftron Air Conditioners is not only great at cooling down your home or business, but they also offer you unparalleled comfort. If you want the best cooling system, go with Aftron.

Aftron Split & Window Ac

Aftron AC is very versatile. That’s mean you can keep your A/C unit in any room of your home. Many Aftron Air Conditioning units even come with an optional Digital Electronic Controller (DEC). This component allows you to program the temperature and fan speeds of your A/C unit from anywhere you may be. A good thing about the Digital EC is that it allows you to use your existing thermostat to adjust your air conditioning system’s temperatures.

Aftron Air Conditioning also offers you a full house system. This type of system will allow you to cool and heat your home in one simple unit. You will no longer have to deal with multiple units and timers throughout your home. In most cases, this system offers you a thermostat control, Digital Electronic Controller, and two fans, making Aftron’s whole-house cooling and heating solution an easy and affordable solution for everyone.

Another great thing about Aftron Air Conditioning is how easy they are to install. Most homeowners who have used these products have reported being extremely pleased with their purchase. The main thing that people love is that you do not have to replace parts, reset the systems when something malfunctions, or mess with codes anymore. Aftron takes away most of the hassles that many consumers experience with older systems. Aftron has put together a fantastic product that makes it easy to cool and heat your home as needed, with no hassle and high-quality products that consumers have come to love. With this product, Aftron is one step above the rest!

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Aftron Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan Updated May 2024

Latest Aftron Air Conditioner Models 2024PriceCapacity
Aftron Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU AFPAC12T3₨85,000.0012000 BTU
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