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Acson Air Conditioners in Karachi Pakistan 

Acson Air Conditioners are the perfect way to make your home feel comfortable throughout the year. They are designed to be energy efficient and durable for long-term use. These Air Conditioners are also designed to meet industry-specific needs so they can be used in different types of homes, offices, and other buildings. They provide a variety of products from standard room air conditioners to central, high efficiency, and commercial-grade systems. Acson is known for its long-term reliability and energy efficiency which helps people keep their electricity bills low while still enjoying the best quality AC in their homes. If you are looking for the best product at affordable prices then Yasir Electronics is the right place for you, in entire Karachi.

Acson Air Conditioners

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Acson Floor Standing AC 2 Ton AF25CS

Acson Floor Standing AC 2 Ton AF25CS


Specifications of Acson Floor Standing

  • Floor standing cabinet
  • Cool only
  • Stylish design
  • Heavy air thrust (suitable for populated places)
  • Comfortable airflow
  • Auto-restart
  • Filters to purify air
  • Noise level low
  • Malaysian compressor
  • Copper condenser AIR CONDITIONER AFS25C
  • Compressor type: Rotary
  • 24000 BTU Cooling Capacity (2Ton)
  • Weight 90 kg


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Acson Split Air Conditioner 1.5 TON AWM20J

Acson Split Air Conditioner 1.5 TON AWM20J

Specifications of Acson AWM20J
  • Specs Cooling Power in Tons  1.5 Ton Inverter
  • General Adjustable resistance level
  • Airflow 4-Way Air Cold Media
  • Cooling effect  Turbo Cooling
  • Dehumidification Energy efficiency class
  • Heating  yes Maximum local Volume (Recommendation)
  • Noise level  Low Power consumption
  • Water tank  No
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU)  18000 BTU.
  • Cooling Power in Tons  1.5 Ton
  • Wall Mounted Air Purification
  • Inverter  No
  • Color  White
  • Features Display  Light Display
  • Functions  Cooling/ Heating
  • Remote control  Yes

Acson Air Conditioners 2024

Ascon Air Conditioner is a global company that manufactures and distributes AC systems. The company was established in 1978 as a German-based company called Ascona before being acquired by the current owner, a Chinese corporation, in 2003. The first production plant for Ascon Air Conditioner was opened on the outskirts of Beijing. Acson is a leader in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. They provide innovative and high-quality products, including Acson Air Conditioners. These Air Conditioners are designed with keeping your comfort in mind. They come with features that will help you stay cool, such as Quieter operation, Energy efficiency, Exclusive EcoSmart technology, Sleek, and elegant design.

The range of products offered by the brand includes split-type (1-4 ton) and ducted (2.5-6 ton) models for residential use, terminal box type (2.5-6 ton) models for commercial/industrial use, and compact (2 ton) models for residential use. Intelligent Climate Control provides optimum performance in cooling, heating, purifying air, plus home safety protection – all with just one touch of a button on your remote control. Filter Cleaning Program – To ensure your family stays healthy, the filter cleaning program keeps your filters clean to prevent dust from being circulated into your house or office space. Smart Mode Settings – This mode allows you to save on electricity while keeping you cool at all times.

A key feature of the Acson Air Conditioner is that it can adjust to any desired temperature setting. This feature makes it very convenient for people to keep their living spaces at the temperature that they need. Another great thing about these Air Conditioners is that they come in many different size options to suit all kinds of needs. This is helpful because it ensures that no matter what kind of space you have, you will be able to find the perfect AC unit for your home or office space.

Advantages of Acson Air Conditioners

High efficiency: Acson air conditioners use a new refrigeration system with a high coefficient of performance. With this, the energy consumption is lower and the output cooling capacity is higher. A variety of models: Acson air conditioners have different models that can be chosen according to the needs and requirements of customers. These include wall-mounted, window-mounted, split type, and pedestal type models. Sophisticated design: Acson air conditioners have stylish designs. They can be matched with any kind of home interior from classic to modern styles.

Some of the advantages of Acson Air Conditioners are that they are designed with high-quality materials. This ensures they last longer and work more efficiently.

They provide a cool and balanced environment by regulating the temperature and humidity level of indoor spaces. This patented technology also helps purify the air, removes odors, and prevents mold growth.

The Acson Air Conditioners are made with eco-friendly materials that will not harm the environment. The units are also affordable, so they will not burden your wallet. Perhaps the best thing about these Air Conditioners is that they can be used in any room because of their size and weight.

Acson Air Conditioners Price in Karachi Pakistan 2024

Acson has been manufacturing high-quality air conditioners for over two decades. They have a wide range of products from various price points, sizes, and specifications. The ones with the most recent additions to their lineup are called ‘System Master’ and they come with a new innovation called ‘Cascade Cooling’. Acson Air Conditioners is a well-known brand in the market. It provides an array of products for different customer needs and budgets and is available at Yasir Electronics. These AC prices vary depending upon the quality and durability of the products. The popularity of these air conditioners in Pakistan has been increasing because they are offering high-quality air-conditioning units at really affordable prices.

Ascon Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan Updated May 2024

Latest Ascon Air Conditioner Models 2024PriceCapacity
Acson Floor Standing AC 2 Ton AF25CS₨245,000.0024000BTU
Acson Split Air Conditioner 1.5 TON AWM20J₨108,000.0018000BTU
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