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Refrigerators keep food from spoiling by lowering the temperature to a level where organisms cannot survive. This is achieved by cooling or freezing the contents of the refrigerator. Toshiba refrigerators are available in many different models and sizes, including side-by-side, top-freezer, bottom freezer, and more. The typical refrigerator has four doors on each side of the appliance that can be opened with one hand. The doors are hinged on either side of the fridge when it is opened. The compressor inside a Toshiba refrigerator moves air through coils that surround a heat exchanger which cools or freezes water circulating through it to regulate temperatures in the fridge. Yasir Electronics is a dealer of electrical appliances. They have a wide range of products at affordable prices all over Karachi.

Toshiba Refrigerator

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Toshiba Side By Side GR-RS682WE 591LToshiba Side By Side GR-RS682WE 591L

Toshiba Side By Side GR-RS682WE 591L

  • Dual Inverter
  • Quick Cooling Air
  • Cool Water Dispense
Toshiba French Door Refrigerator GR RF610WEToshiba French Door Refrigerator GR-RF610WE

Toshiba French Door Refrigerator GR-RF610WE

  • Dual Cooling: 2 separated cooling unit.
  • Alloy Cooling: Cooling fan system.
  • 2 Thermal radar sensors.
  • Pure BIO: odor-removal system.
  • Salad drawer humidity control.
  • Digital touchscreen control panel.
  • Tempered glass shelves.
  • 18 Organization: enjoy with containers to separately keep you food organizedly.
Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A25KS(S)Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A25KS(S)

Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A25KS(S)

  • Capacity (Cubic): 6.9
  • The New Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
  • Adjustable Door Pocket
  • Low Noise Design
  • Big Room for Freshness
Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A28KS(S)Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A28KS(S)

Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A28KS(S)

  • Capacity (Cubic): 8.2
  • Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
  • Adjustable Door Pocket
  • Low Noise Design
  • Big Room for Freshness
Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-AG66KA(XK)Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-AG66KA(XK)

Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-AG66KA(XK)

  • Capacity (Cubic): 21.5
  • SEMI-Freeze at -3°C for longer freshness
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • AG+ Bio Deodorizer
  • Adjustable Door Pocket
  • DUO Hybrid Deodorizer
Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-A25KU

Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-A25KU

  • Size (cube): 6.8
  • Capacity (liters): 194
  • Cooling system: FAN COOL, NO FROST
  • Cooling system: COOL AIR WRAPPING
Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-B22KP(SS)Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-B22KP(SS)

Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-B22KP(SS)

  • Capacity (Cubic): 6.4
  • Capacity (liters): 180
  • Cooling system: FAN COOL, NO FROST
  • Cold Distribution System: DEODORIZER
Refrigerator ezgif-4-90c8d070edb7Refrigerator ezgif-4-300980770411

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG41KDZ(XK)


Specification of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG41KDZ(XK)

  • Doors / Capacity: 2 doors / 12.8 cubic / 363.2 liters
  • Cooling system: Fan distribution FAN COOL NO FROST
  • Cooling Distribution System: DEODOZRIZER
  • Deodorization System: LED HYBIRD
  • Dimensions (cm): 68.0×161.0x71.7
  • Drinking Water System: None
  • Compressor warranty (year): 10
  • Machine warranty (years): 1
  • Freezer capacity (liter): 102.4
  • Chilled water capacity (liter): 260.8
  • Capacity of vegetable openings (liters): –
  • Shelf Type: Tempered Glass Shelf
  • Automatic Ice Making System: Yes
  • Defrost: AUTOMATIC
  • Color: black / white
Toshiba-610l-2-doors-duo-hybrid-inverter-refrigerator-gr-ag58ma-ggTohsiba Refrigerator

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG58KA(GG)


Specification of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG58KA(GG)

  • Door Type Glass Door
  • Number Of Doors 2 Doors
  • Compressor Inverter
  • Color Gradation Blue
  • Net Weight (kg) 83
  • Gross Capacity 610
  • Net Capacity 555
  • Freezer room 163
  • Refrigerator Room 392
  • Voltage (V) 220-240
  • Frequency (Hz) 50
  • Width 803
  • Depth 739
  • Height 1725
  • Control System Electronics
  • Cooling System Fan Cool, No Frost
  • Cooling Air Flow Cool Air Wrapping
  • ULTRA Fresh Room Cooling Yes
  • DUO Hybrid Deodorizer – Freezer Room Ag+ BIO
  • DUO Hybrid Deodorizer – Refrigerator Room LED HYBRID
  • Interior Lamp Twin LED Lamp
  • Touch Panel Yes
  • Eco Mode Yes
  • Ice Making System Auto Ice Maker
  • Quick Freezing Mode Yes
  • Adjustable Door Pocket Yes
  • Utility Box Yes
  • Low Noise Design Yes
  • Ag+ Anti-Bacteria Crisper Yes
  • Egg Container Yes
  • Freezer Tempered Glass Shelf Yes
  • Refrigerator Tempered Glass Shelf Yes
  • Crisper Tempered Glass Shelf Yes

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG66KA(GG)


Specification of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG66KA(GG)

  • Type Two Door
  • Doors 2
  • Color Black
  • Gross Capacity 608l
  • Water Dispenser No
  • Egg Tray Yes
  • Vegetable Drawer Yes
  • Door Shelves Yes
  • LED Lighting Yes
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-HG55KDZ(XK)

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-HG55KDZ(XK)


Specification of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-HG55KDZ(XK)

  • Doors / Capacity: 2 doors / 18 cubic /505 liters
  • Cooling system: INVERTER COMPRESSOR
  • Cooling system: FAN COOL
  • Deodorizing System: LED HYBRID
  • Freezer capacity (liters): 130
  • Chilled water capacity (liters): 375
  • Dimensions (cm): 76.0×184.8×73.9
  • Compressor warranty (year): 10
  • Machine warranty (years): 1
  • Type of shelf: Tempered glass (TEMPERED GLASS SHELF)
  • Defrost: NO FROST
  • Saving Fiber 5: Yes
  • Power (Watt): 220
  • Weight (kg): 71
  • Others: Freezer compartment, Freezer compartment, Freezer compartment, SLIDE CONTROL PANEL
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RB440WE-DMJToshiba Refrigerator GR-RB440WE-DMJ

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RB440WE-DMJ

Specifications of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RB440WE-DMJ
  • Capacity (CFT): 14.6 CFT
  • Digital Inverter : Yes
  • Climate Class: N / ST / T
  • Protection Against Electric Shock:  I
  • Rated Voltage / Frequency: 220V-240V / 50Hz
  • Rated Defrost Power (W): 220W
  • Rated Lighting Power (W): 9W
  • Rated Current (A) 0.8
  • Energy Consumption:  276Kwh / yr
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A ++
  • Total Capacity (L): 416
  • Refrigerator Capacity (L):  316
  • Freezer Capacity (L): 100
  • Refrigerant, Quantity: R600a , 70g
  • Freezing Capacity (KG / 24H): 12kg
  • Net Weight (KG): 87
  • Gross Weight (KG): 95
  • Noise Level 41dB (A)
  • Product Dimensions (MM): 700 * 666 * 1880
  • Box Dimensions (MM): 760 * 720 * 1930
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF532WE FRENCH DOOR

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF532WE FRENCH DOOR

Specifications of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF532WE
  • Capacity (CFT): 17.6CFT
  • Digital Inverter : Yes
  • Energy Class: A++
  • Total Capacity (L): 500
  • Net Refrigerator Capacity (L): 335
  • Net Freezer Capacity (L): 165
  • Net Weight (Kg): 129
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 833x638x1898
  • Humidity Control: Yes
  • Plasma Pure: Yes
  • Alloy Cooling: Yes
  • Convert Zone: Yes
  • 3 Cycle: Yes
  • Electronic Touch Control: Yes
  • 1+3 Mode: Yes
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF646WE 4-DOORToshiba Refrigerator GR-RF646WE 4-DOOR

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF646WE 4-DOOR

Specifications of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF646WE
  • Capacity (CFT): 22.8 CFT
  • Digital Inverter: Yes
  • Energy Class: A++
  • Total Capacity (L): 646
  • Net Refrigerator Capacity (L): 456
  • Net Freezer Capacity (L): 92
  • Net Weight (Kg): 133
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 905x775x1935
  • 3 System: Yes
  • Humidity Control: Yes
  • Plasma Pure: Yes
  • Alloy Cooling: Yes
  • Convert Zone: Yes
  • Electronic Touch Control: Yes
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Toshiba Refrigerator GR-D188SHToshiba Refrigerator GR-D188SH

Toshiba Refrigerator GR-D188SH

Specifications of Toshiba Refrigerator GR-D188SH
  • Size (cubic): 6.5
  • Volume capacity (liters): 183.4
  • Cooling system: Super Direct Cool
  • Cooling system: automatic
  • Defrosting system: semi-automatic
  • Freezer capacity (liters): 31.1
  • Chilled water capacity (liters): 151.9
  • Shelf type: Tempered glass
  • Weight (kg): 32
  • Save fiber 5: Yes
  • Special technology: new system refrigerant R600a
  • The space above the refrigerator can support a lot of weight.

Toshiba Refrigerator

Toshiba released their newest refrigerator that is the first to be powered by a new type of technology. It is called the Toshiba Energy-saving Refrigerator and it uses AI to monitor your food intake, which will help you save energy. Toshiba refrigerator is a great appliance to have in your kitchen. It has the capacity of storing up to 18 liters and has a digital temperature display. Toshiba refrigerators can be found in many different kitchens across the world. They are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. The best part about these refrigerators is that they are affordable and reliable appliances that will last for years.

Toshiba is known for its high-quality products, which makes them a popular choice for households across the globe. When it comes to refrigerators, Toshiba offers a wide range of models to suit different needs and budgets.

This refrigerator uses sensors and algorithms to monitor your refrigerator and adjust it accordingly. The refrigerator also comes with a built-in camera so you can check on your food without opening the door. The Toshiba refrigerator is one of the most popular refrigerators in the market. It features a sleek design and a large capacity.

Benefits of Toshiba Refrigerator

Refrigerators with smart features like self-defrosting, auto-repair, and touch screens are making it easier than ever to keep your food cold. These refrigerators are used for more than just cooling food down. They can also be integrated with smart home functions that allow you to control lights, locks, shades, and more from the fridge.

The benefits of Toshiba Refrigerator are many. It is energy-efficient, has a digital display that shows you the temperature inside and outside, and has an ice-maker that makes ice in less than 30 minutes. Toshiba Refrigerator is a new technology that can help reduce the energy consumption in your home. It also helps in making your food last longer and reducing food waste. Toshiba Refrigerator is a 4-door, counter depth refrigerator with a 2nd freezer on top of it. It comes in two colors – black and white. It features an intelligent cooling system that can be controlled by voice commands.

This refrigerator also has a large capacity and easy access to food because of its wide opening at the bottom of the door and wide drawer space at the front.

Toshiba Refrigerators Prices in Karachi Pakistan 2023

The Toshiba refrigerator is a popular brand of a refrigerator with a wide range of features and prices. It is available in different sizes, colors, and capacities. The prices depend on the size and capacity of the unit as well as its color. Find out what is popular and what is selling well among consumers: Research on what type of model people are buying most often will help you identify which models are selling well and should be considered when you want to buy a refrigerator. Toshiba refrigerators were commonly found in households. However, as technology progressed and became more affordable, many people started to switch to other brands. Toshiba has been trying to regain its market share by offering a range of features that make its products more competitive on the market.

The price of the Toshiba Refrigerator depends on the size, color, and features. Some models can be a bit pricey but they are worth it because they are durable and have a long lifespan. The Toshiba refrigerator is a popular choice among consumers who value quality and affordability. This fridge has been designed to be eco-friendly and is powered by renewable energy. It also has an integrated air purifier, which removes harmful pollutants from the air in your kitchen and makes it safe for breathing. Yasir Electronics has been providing quality products. They have been constantly innovating to improve their technology in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Toshiba Refrigerator Price in Pakistan Updated November 2023

Best Toshiba Refrigerator Models 2023PriceCubic Capacity
Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A25KS(S)


6.9 CFT
Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-A28KS(S)₨195,000.008.2 CFT
Toshiba 2 Doors Refrigerator GR-AG66KA(XK)₨410,000.00
21.5 CFT
Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-A25KU₨160,000.006.8 CFT
Toshiba Double Door Refrigerator GR-B22KP(SS)₨140,000.006.4 CFT
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG41KDZ(XK)₨225,000.0012.8 CFT
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-AG58KA(GG)
19.6 CFT
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF646WE 4-DOOR₨570,000.0022.8 CFT
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RF532WE FRENCH DOOR₨690,000.0017.6 CFT
Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RB440WE-DMJ₨340,000.0014.6 CFT
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