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Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC- 1000 FG Swing Doors (2 Doors)


The MEC-1000 series of Visi coolers are designed for use in many applications where space is limited, but cooling is still required. The compact design takes up minimal space, and the internal lighting ensures that products are well illuminated and easy to see. The door can be opened from either side, making it easy to restock shelves. These units are perfect for use in small shops and stores, as they take up minimal space and can be easily placed on a shelf. The internal lighting ensures that products are well illuminated and easy to see, while the door can be opened for easy access.

Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC- 1200 FG Swing Doors (2 Doors)


MEC-1200 Visi Coolers are one of the most popular coolers on the market, and they are known for their durability and performance. The MEC-1200 is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable visi cooler that will last for years.
The MEC-1200 is made with high-quality materials and construction, so you can be sure it will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The visi cooler is also designed with a sleek, best for supermarkets and hyper marts.

Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC- 1600 FG Swing Doors (3 Doors)


The sleek and modern design of the Caravell MEC-1600 Sliding Door Chiller makes it the perfect choice for outlets that require large product displays. The MEC-1600 is one of the largest chiller in the Caravell product range and is perfect for bakeries or any outlet that requires large product displays. With 3 doors, it is designed for maximum practicality and product visibility.

Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC- 450 FG Single Swing Door


The MEC-450 is a 450L capacity Visi Cooler. It has an LED light that creates a bright and inviting display. The MEC-450 also features a tempered glass door for durability and ease of cleaning. The sleek and spacious design comes with a full glass door model.The MEC-450 is an excellent choice for any business that needs a high capacity, durable, and easy to clean Visi Cooler. It’s perfect for restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and more. Order your MEC-450 today!

Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC- 600 FG Single Swing Door


The MEC-600 is a versatile and reliable visi Cooler, perfect for any Retailer Shop. It features five shelves that can hold various items, and the wide glass door feature allows you to see what is inside easily.
One of Caravell’s highest performing models. This model is known for its large capacity and superior cooling system. This is the largest size available in the single swing door range. It can also be ordered with a twin door mechanism consisting of two smaller swing doors hinged from the same side of the door frame.

Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC-170 FG Single Swing Door


The Caravell MEC-170 FG is a commercial-grade glass door beverage cooler perfect for bars, restaurants, and other businesses. This model features a black exterior, with three adjustable shelves and a capacity of 170 liters. The MEC-170 FG has a temperature range of 0°C to 8°C, making it ideal for storing beverages. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a fan-forced cooling system, and an automatic defrost function.

Caravell Commercial Visi Chiller MEC-270 FG Single Swing Door



The MEC-270 Series is our top-of-the-line model and features a sleek, modern design. With a capacity of up to 270 Litres, it’s perfect for large gatherings or extended periods. The MEC-270 also features an internal LED light for easy visibility in low-light conditions. The mini cooler is suitable for small convenience and utility stores. Ideal for storing small dairy products and similar goods like Chocolates, Medicines, Beverages, and Cakes.

Commercial Open Chiller 8 Feet

  • Model: Open Chiller
  • Certification: ISO
  • Function: Cold Storage & Freezing
  • Defrost Type: Auto Defrost
  • Temperature Type: Single Temperature
  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Door Typer: No Door
  • Type: Display Cooler
  • Door Number: No Door
  • Capacity: 401-500L
  • Trademark: Dusung
  • Transport Package: Plywood
  • Specification: 450L
  • Origin: China
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Chiller Beverage Chiller Lg130a3 3 Door

3 Door Chiller Beverage



  1. Humanity and Elegant Appearance Design
  2. With Large Capacity,can Storage More Products
  3. Pure Copper tube Condenser and Evaporator
  4. Self-Closing door, and double Glazing Glass door
  5. With Strong Load-bearing Shelves, and 5 Layers can be  adjustable.
  6. Temperature range 0 to 10 degree


Double Door Under Counter Chiller H3DD


Dimension WxDxH (mm) :  900x510x885

Volume: 210

Electrical Requirement (Watts) :1000

Electrical Requirement (Amps):4.17

Temperature Range: +2…+7°C

Cooling Type: Fan

Defrost Type: Off Cycle

Lighting: Yes

Castors: No

Dual Temperature: No


Commercial Chiller Price in Pakistan

Commercial Chiller is a very useful Product. What is it about a chilled bottle of wine that people can’t get enough of? Is it the aroma, the taste, or perhaps the clean look that makes you want to open up another bottle?. If you are like me, then it is because there must be a reason. Why there isn’t more Champagne in the fridge!

However, there are many new products on the market offering a chilled glass of wine. or Champagne as a style statement. This is just what they have been for looking. You now have a choice when looking at the best wine chillers. Yasir Electronics has done a great job of providing a customer satisfaction rating for their Chillers that make them stand out from the crowd.

Some of the other features that the best wine chillers have are their size, cooling abilities, electric cord lengths, and whether they come with ice packs, ice cubes. The refrigeration units that are used to chill wines have to be able to cope with the ambient temperature requirements of the bottle and the area where it is being stored.

If you happen to live in an area where the winters are harsh and dreary. Then the chillers used to chill the wines will also have to be strong enough to cope with the conditions. That is where Yasir Electronics excels. Their product range has been designed with consumers’ interests and needs. In mind and has even gone so far as to create specific models to cater to certain tastes and preferences.

Wine Chiller in Pakistan

One of the most common features of these chilled wine chillers is that they have to be room temperature. That means if you are living in the country, a room temperature refrigerator is not going to be ideal. you need to look elsewhere. Of course, that’s down to individual specifications that vary from one brand to the next. However, there is no question that with the best wine chillers having a temperature of at least 32 degrees Fahrenheit and preferably much closer to the actual room temperature, you will notice a marked difference.

There is, of course, one other thing to consider. when looking for the best wine chillers. You will want to get a unit with a glass door on the chiller. If the bottle is left in the chillers, any temperature changes will not be reflected through the glass doors. Therefore, you must buy the best wine coolers that have a glass door on the unit, as this will ensure that any temperature changes are reflected through the glass doors. As a general rule, you do not want to buy anything that has a door on the unit as this will not allow you to store your wines safely and mean that you have to throw out any bottles that have fallen into the chiller.

Commercial Chiller in Pakistan

However, the most important thing. when looking for the best wine chillers is making sure that they are well insulated. A well-insulated wine cooler will help keep the room temperature constant. Therefore ensure that whatever you are storing off the fridge will remain at the perfect chilled temperature. This is particularly important for white wine as white wine tends to go flat. when it is chilled and can spoil. The best wine chillers will have a way of ensuring that the temperature stays constant and that it does not change due to the wine being stored.

Some people enjoy drinking their wine off the counter, and in other people’s backyard. These people will usually opt for a counter wine refrigerator to store their wine. That is often in a garden area and is therefore very important to ensure. that the unit is safe and sturdy. If you are going to purchase such a unit. it is best to find out from some good wine chiller reviews whether they are a durable product. what other people think about them. They can be quite expensive, but it is worth ensuring that you get a quality product. If you opt for the counter wine refrigerators, you should also make sure that you are buying from a Known Shop keeper. Like Yasir Electronics to get quality results.

Why You Should Buy From Yasir Electronics

We have that’s all types of Chillers are Available. We have our Own Display Center, Which is located in Sadder near Abdullah Haroon Road. Where You Can View Our Products Peacefully and Comfortably or You Can Buy From Your Home. You Can Order us Online VIA Call or Website. We, Will, Deliver Products on Your Doorstep. And if you have any issues With Any Products so You Can call us. Our Team Will Served You on the Same Day.

Commercial Chiller Price In Pakistan [Updated August 2022]

Latest Models of Commercial Chiller [2022]PriceModel
Candor Brand Wine Chillers₨95,000.00CW-35
Double Door Under Counter Chiller H3DD₨125,000.00RFSD640A
Seafood Display/ Meat Chiller₨185,000.00SC-1680
Varioline Chiller 03 CFT VCS-03<₨42,500.00CFT VCS-03
Varioline Chiller 06 CFT SVC-170₨58,500.00CFT SVC-170
Varioline Chiller 1 CFT CTC 050₨35,000.001 CFT CTC 050
Varioline Chiller 13 CFT VCS-13₨75,500.0013 CFT VCS-13
Varioline Chiller 19 CFT VCS-19₨96,500.0019 CFT VCS-19
Varioline Chiller 22 CFT VCS-22₨104,500.0022 CFT VCS-22
Varioline Chiller 35 CFT SRCL-1000₨150,000.0035 CFT SRCL-1000
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