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Sharp Dishwasher QW MB612-SS3Sharp Dishwasher QW MB612-SS3

Sharp Dishwasher QW MB612-SS3

Specifications of SHarp Dishwasher DW60M5070Fw
  • Color: Stainless Silver
  • Measurements: Height: 845mm
  • Width: 598mm
  • Depth: 600mm
  • Product Type: Dishwasher
  • Brand: Sharp
  • Place settings: 12
  • Programs: 6

Sharp Dishwasher Price in Pakistan

Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan is one of the leading manufacturers of modern dishwashers in the world. Sharp Dishwasher are known for their quality and have a long life span. Sharp has made a name for itself as one of the best manufacturers in the industry. They have a strong reputation in the industry, which leads to sharp having excellent service. A Sharp dishwasher in Pakistan would ensure that it carries all the latest technology to suit all budgets.

Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan offers a wide variety of dishwashers for all budgets. These include electric dishwashers, manual dishwashers and lower racks. The electric dishwasher has a few extra features such as delayed start delay timer and low battery indicator light. That means the dishes will be clean before you get back from your day at work, and the food will not spoil. The lower racks have an extension that allows you to wash the pans after they have been cooked and display the cooked foods on the lower shelves.

The Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan has all the latest and greatest technological features. Sharp dishwasher in Pakistan has an A-Class wash facility which means this is the highest class of washing done in a dishwasher. Sharp Dishwasher requires a lot less water and energy than the other courses of the dishwasher.

Sharp dishwasher in Pakistan has an exciting double function wet/dry cycle. The appliance has a half load of soap, and it also has an express 50-minute clean process. The half load of soap ensures that your dishes remain clean for a more extended period. When the express 50-minute wash cycle runs, this will ensure that all the soap is removed from your words and that the surface is thoroughly clean.

Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan

Another neat feature of the Sharp Dishwashers in Pakistan is that the top load has a delay timer, allowing you to wash the bottom half before switching to the full load. Sharp Dishwasher ensures that you do not over wash your dishes. Each time you open the top-loading door, a delay timer begins so that you can manually clean the bottom half of your words without having to go through the cycle all over again. You can set this delay timer to a minimum of ten minutes so that you do not have to wash your dishes more than once every twenty minutes or so.

Sharp Dishwasher in Pakistan is built to a high standard, and the high-quality appliance is made to keep young minds occupied and prevent them from wandering away. The delay timer is a safety feature that prevents young minds from hanging onto the top loading door and getting scared. The two-way spin brush and the safety feature of having the lid locked help to protect your family.

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Sharp Dishwasher Price in Pakistan Updated April 2024

Name Models Price
Sharp Dishwasher QW MB612-SS3 ₨165,000.00
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