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In past days thinking of washing clothes was just make you feel dead tired because you have to wash it with your hands which is a hectic work and take a lot of time and energy, and also damages your skin making it more dry and cracked

Advance technology have made our life easier, now doing laundry is not hectic washing machine clean our clothes immediately requiring less time and energy

Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Now our country Pakistan have also brought different types of machine which is suitable for every home comes in a very low to high budget, different machines offer you varying types of feature have automatic machine, semi-automatic machine, mini washing machine which is convenient for small area like bathroom, some have two in one options spinning and drying features. All these are available in varieties of sizes; you can select according to your need. You can also go for optically attractive washing machine like top load and front load washing machines

If we talk about the designing the major difference between the top load and front load washing machine is the design of the door

The top load machine has a door on the upper side which you can open by lifting it up

The front load machine has a door on the exterior which is facing towards you and can open it like you open the door

Why you Should buy top load washing machine?

  1. Easy to mend
  2. Very convenient
  3. Inexpensive
  4. You can put on or take out things in mid-cycle
  5. Noiseless
  6. They are more long lasting
  7. Slighter trembling
  8. No need to crouch
  9. Speedy wash cycle
  • Low in weight
  • Well effectiveness
  • Cold and hot water inlet
  • Seals of the door are not required
  • Child safer are also available

Why you Should buy front load washing machine?

  1. greater cleaning ability
  2. reserve a lot of water
  3. they don’t have to stay more time in the dryer
  4. conserve high amount of energy
  5. they are spacious and soft
  6. no rabble rouser to clog, clothes are washed gently
  7. power efficient
  8. some have different and efficient types of wash cycle, economically-affordable cycle, dirt vanishing cycle, disinfecting cycle, fast rinse cycle, wool fabric wash cycle
  9. they can be pile up on the upper side of the dryer to reserve area
  10. fabric care is guarantee
  11. noiseless than top load having agitator
  12. excellent machine for the use of people with physical disabilities

what should I focus while purchasing washing machine?

Cost factor

When you will go for purchasing a washing machine for your home, the first thing that may come in our mind is the budget crunch, does the machine available is in your budget or not. As the world rule the more it is costly the better quality and advance technology it is providing you which will conserve water, energy and save detergent, giving you a long shelf life of a product. If you are buying for a temporary purpose, then go for a cheaper one which doesn’t have advance feature but can make you work easier


Considering an area, the size of washing machine is the main focus for you, if you are living in a flat or a penthouse having very little space for washing clothes then you should go for front loader because they are more flattened than top loader and them arrange front door is easy to kept in a small area

The other main thing is how many loads of cloth washing you actually do, if you are a small family for about 2-5 persons than 4.5kg capacity of washing machine is enough for you and if you are a big family above 8kg would be preferable

Types of washing machine in Pakistan

  1. Front loader:

    They are more flattened have an outstanding cleaning results the main feature is they conserve both water and energy they provide a great fabric care, they are available with different type of wash cycles, they are quieter than top loaders easy to access for physical disable person

  2. Top loaders:

    they are inexpensive, more pliable, have faster cycles, can put in or take out clothes in a mid- wash, child safer is also available

Swirl Speed

Swirl cycle of washing machine basically drain out all the water from the garments. The speed of spin is the drum spin which measure at what rate the spin revolve per minute it is conclude that high speed of spin the drier will be the garments

Features of washing machine

Digital readout:

an option that beneficial for you tells you about how much time left in washing

Slow down the time:

Delay the start of washing machine especially at night which consume less energy

Weigh detector:

the drum measures the load of washing which is necessary for optimal washing

Child safer:

the prime characteristics of any household technology for young children. Varity of machine have lock which restricts washing machine controls form being use, some have door safety which will not close the door

 Cotton and leather

Cotton and leather are washed at different temperature, many models have the regulator to maintain the water temperature some cottons are washed at warm temperature and synthetic washer at low temperature 104°F or 40°C below, slow swirl speed

Fast wash

When you are in hurry this is the most perfect characteristic you need, some machines offer a fast washing cycles work within 30 minutes but this feature permit only 2kg of weigh

Easy Iron

Ironing the crease clothes is very frustrated this this feature will help you, by avoiding forming crease on clothes in the course of washing by minimizing the spin cycle speed.

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Washing Machine Price in Pakistan [Updated October 2021]

Name Models Price
Samsung Twin Tub Washing Machine Wt60h2500 Wt60h2500 ₨27,000.00
LG Washing Machine P1400 14KG TWIN-TUB P1400 14KG TWIN-TUB ₨67,000.00
Sharp Top Load Washing Machine ESW119TSL 11 KG ESW119TSL ₨69,000.00
Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine NA-F115A4 NA-F115A4 ₨105,000.00
Whirlpool Washing Machine Front Load FWG91284W FWG91284W ₨110,000.00
Hisense Front Load Washing Machine WDBL8014VT WDBL8014VT ₨125,000.00
Bosch Front Loader Washing Machine WAJ2018SGC WAJ2018SGC ₨130,000.00
Samsung Top Load Washing Machine WA18M8700BG 18KG WA18M8700BG ₨170,000.00
Whirlpool Front Load Dryer 3LWED4705FWO 15KG 3LWED4705FWO ₨190,000.00
LG Front Load Jumbo Washing Machine FOK1CHK2T2 FOK1CHK2T2 ₨290,000.00