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The business of a cake shops is successful and famous in a worldwide by making a yummy and delightful bakery items using the finest constituents, the cake display is generally use in bakery shops, supermarkets, general retailer and in hotels. the cake display is designed by giving furnish and attractive look in order to protect, visible the bakery products like cake, cookies, cupcakes, yummy pies, they have a variety of designs

  • single side display
  • Double side display
  • Cake sample display
  • Multi shelf display
  • Glass display with their prism


Commercial cake display is at your service when it comes to keeping the food fresh not only to shows your  items keeps them at the optimum temperature. A refrigeration coil installed at the top of the cabinet allows cool air to “drop” down over the food in a gravity coil. Seafood, raw meats, salads, and other things should be kept in these displays.


These are easily customizable where you can display your logo in this way you can increase your business. In manufacturing Aluminum, welded steels, metal frames, acrylic cake dispenser type materials are used, their measurement would be 25cm in depth, 30cm in height and 50cm in width also have moveable shelves that can be clean easily

Temperature of cake display

When we talk about refrigerator, it is simply an appliance that prevent the nearby external heat to damage the store food, it is basically said to be freezer for storing cake in a bakery shop it is important to have a freezer cake display which have a temperature regulator keep the inside temperature chilled, the temperature should be maintained at 0°F


As a heating system, forced air use fans to circulate cold air throughout the cabinet to keep food contents cool. Forced air systems, heat the air and then disperse it using a furnace or heat pump. They filter the air once the temperature is set on the thermostat, removing allergens such as pollen and dust. These cabinets are less expensive and are frequently used for bakery items, prefabricated items, and some deli applications. It’s worth noting that because of the air flow, the things you’re displaying may dry out if they’re not covered or left in the case for too long.


To begin your food business, you will need to purchase all of the necessary equipment, one of which is the Display Counter, which has evolved into the most important component of food marketing. You can use this to display your items while still maintaining their quality and hygiene. This will benefit you in a variety of ways, such as storing your food at a desired temperature, preventing it from going stale, and keeping your things nutritious and fresh. However, these hot and cold vertical display counters are made from high-quality raw materials that can survive corrosion and have a high level of transparency. Transparent Cake Display Counter is one of the well-tested, dependable, and honestly concocted products, which is well-known for its extended serving life. They are made using high-quality materials, such as the best stainless steel, aluminum, or acrylic, in accordance with international quality standards. These display counters are quite appealing because of their shape, size, adjustable designs, and various shelves that allow you to exhibit more things. They’re also renowned for their enormous size, long-term dependability, and rust resistance. As a result, we required these display counters for a variety of reasons, many of which are well-known in the retail industry.


The cake display cabinets are designed to have a more sophisticated which attract customer they can have side island cabinet, center island cabinet which is well structure and give a furnishing look

They are made up of top grade of stainless steel, transparent glass Plexiglas, top grade of decorative wood board, fireproof board. The cabinet should have multilayers also have a temperature regulator to maintain temperature. Before purchasing you must look over on the characteristics of cabinet such as shape, size,


Advantage of display cabinets

  • Storage food items are free from germs, bacteria and debris which protect the food from being spoiled
  • Food remain untouched
  • You can organize items in the best way as you want so that can make it look lovely towards customer


There are different types of cabinets having similar features

  1. right angle cabinet
  2. front open glass cabinet
  3. table top cake cabinet


  • It is an enclose display having dual coat design on its four sides
  • Presence of axial ventilator provide an effective cooling with a constant temperature reduce the moisture loss
  • Electronic controlled and digital display of temperature is also present
  • Easily moveable due to presence of wheel on the bottom
  • Transparent glass displays with stainless steel sides and a fire resistant panel

Maintenance of Display cabinets

  • Maintenance is a key tool for every product, Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the display bright and shiny
  • Take a clean cloth
  • Select an appropriate conditioner
  • Make sure to clean the watermark of the paint


  1. Enclosed system provides a better cooling
  2. A foaming material cyclopentane is used which is uniformly distribute and is necessary for insulation
  3. Every layer is close packed to each other, tube meandering is use for entire cabinet
  4. Scientific freezing equipment is present which is cost effective and consume less power
  5. Compressor with greater effectiveness and saves power
  6. Electronic controlled and digital display of temperature is also present
  7. Transparent glass displays with stainless steel sides and a fire resistant panel
  8. Triple layer of stainless steel freezer plate for storing food

how long do they keep a cake? How long are they able to display and preserve it?

Basically it depends on the bakery policy and also which type of cake you are storing. Many merchandise cake shop store or hold a cake for up to 2- 5 days in a cold cabinet, cake covered with a whipped cream or natural fruits does not last until and unless it is fill with ice high frosting, cakes cannot stay on room temperature more than 2 days it gets spoiled while frozen cake can be last for 30 days.


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