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Boiler AG-12

Boiler AG-12


Model: AG-12

Power: 950 W

Capacity: 12L

Boiler AG-12

Boiler AG-15


Model: AG-15

Power: 1500 W

Capacity: 15L

Boiler AG-12

Boiler AG-20


Model: AG-20

Power: 1800 W

Capacity: 20L


Boiler AG-12

Boiler AG-30


Model: AG-30

Power: 2000 W

Capacity: 30L


Boiler AG-12

Boiler AG-35


Model: AG-35

Power: 2200 W

Capacity: 35L


Commercial Water Boiler Price in Pakistan

If you’re looking for a high-quality water boiler to save on energy costs and keep your water bills low, there are several types you can choose. A right, reliable hot water boiler, though, provides versatility, speed and convenience, enabling you to boil Water continuously and maintain it hot for hours on end so you can prepare tea, soup and other hot dishes. Some newer electric hot water boiler models offer several different capacities with the same company, including 3, 4 and 5-litre sizes. Which one is right for you depends mostly on your own needs and budget.

The Boiler AG-20 is an excellent choice for a small family. It is essentially a small boiler. They are small enough to mount on your wall or floor and conveniently warm up the water in your home with the Help of a button. These boilers provide the highest heat output of all the sizes available but come with the lowest energy efficiency. They do, however, provide exceptional reliability.

These water heaters come equipped with a single “starter” tank with a storage bottle or reservoir for keeping your Water heated when not in use. In addition to providing heat, they also contain a storage bottle refilled every so often. These starter tanks come with a unique filtering system designed to remove sediment and rust, providing a cleaner warmer overall. They also have stainless steel construction and a glass-reinforced interior for easy cleaning. The tank holds about four gallons but can be easily stored under the sink when not in use.

The Boiler AG-12 is another efficient choice for a small to mid-sized family. It has a stainless steel construction with a glass-reinforced interior for easy cleaning. In addition to heating tea, it can heat soda cans, soup, sauces, instant foods, fruits, vegetables and tea.

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Water Boiler Price In Pakistan Updated May 2024

Latest Models of Water Boiler 2024PriceCapacity
Boiler AG-12₨21,000.0012L
Boiler AG-15₨25,000.0015L
Boiler AG-20₨29,000.0020L
Boiler AG-30₨34,000.0030L
Boiler AG-35₨39,000.0035L
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