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Crownline Dehumidifier MD 231 3Crownline Dehumidifier MD 231 3_2

Crownline Dehumidifier MD-231-3

  • Electronic touch control panel
  • Extract up to 20 liters of water per day
  • Water tank capacity: 5.5l
  • Dehumidify capacity: 20l/day (30°c 80%)
  • 10l/day (27°c 60%)
  • Airflow volume: 195m /h
  • Refrigerant charge: r134a/90g
  • 24 hours timer setting
  • Easy to carry using handle
  • Auto turns-off when water tank is full
  • Continuous drainage
  • Rated voltage: 220-240V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Net weight: 14.5kg
  • Box : 65.5 x 38.5 x 25.2 cm
  • Barcode: 6291104512764
Crownline Dehumidifier MD 283 2Crownline Dehumidifier MD 283 2_2

Crownline Dehumidifier MD-283-2

  • Electronic Touch Control Panel
  • Extract Up To 25 Liters Of Water Per Day
  • Water Tank Capacity: 3.5L
  • Dehumidify Capacity: 25L/day(30℃ 80%RH
  • Airflow Volume: 190m³/h
  • Refrigerant Charge: R290
  • 24 Hours Timer Setting
  • Working Space 25-35 ​​M³
  • Auto Turns-off When Water Tank Is Full
  • Continuous Drainage
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240v Power : 320W
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • N.W. / G.W. : 14.000 kg/15.000 kg
  • Unit Dimensions : 26.00 x 26.00 x 61.80 cm
  • Box Dimensions : 31.20 x 310.20 x 66.50 cm
  • Barcode: 6291104513631

A Crownline Dehumidifier is a high-quality dehumidifier that can help you reduce the humidity in your home. If your home is excessively humid, a Crownline Dehumidifier can help to improve the air quality and reduce the risk of mold and other health concerns.

This Dehumidifier is a well-known brand of dehumidifiers that has been around for many years. The company is well-known for its quality dehumidifiers which are often used to control moisture levels in homes and other building spaces.

Benefits of Using a Crownline Dehumidifier

Part of any healthy home environment is maintaining the right humidity levels. In order to achieve and maintain the desired humidity, it is important to use a dehumidifier. Crownline has a wide variety of dehumidifiers to meet all your needs and preferences.

Some benefits of using a Crownline dehumidifier are:

A dehumidifier will help to improve air quality by removing moisture from the air. This will help to reduce respiratory problems and allergies. When you have a healthy environment with the right humidity levels, you are less likely to get sick. A Crownline dehumidifier will help to keep the humidity levels high, which will help to reduce symptoms such as colds and flu.

A Crownline dehumidifier can also help to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air. Dust and allergens can cause respiratory problems, especially if they are concentrated in specific areas of the home. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable dehumidifier, a dehumidifier is a great option. In addition to the benefits listed above, a dehumidifier is also easy to use. This unit has a user-friendly control panel that makes it simple to set the desired humidity level. You will also find that this unit is affordable and reliable.

Why Choose a Crownline Dehumidifier?

When it comes to choosing the perfect dehumidifier for your home, there are a lot of factors to take into account. But one of the most important considerations is the machine’s ability to remove moisture effectively. That’s why you should consider a dehumidifier if you’re looking for the best possible performance.

As one of the leading names in the dehumidifier industry, Crownline has a reputation for producing high-quality machines that are able to take care of all your moisture removal needs. And unlike some other brands that only offer small, portable models, Crownline also offers a wide range of floor-standing and room-sized dehumidifiers that can handle even the largest homes.

In addition to its impressive dehumidification capabilities, Crownline machines also boast some other great features. For example, many of them come with automatic shut-off features that help protect you from accidental overuse. So if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable dehumidifier that can take care of all your moisture removal needs, you should definitely consider a Crownline machine.

What Are the Best Features of Crownline Dehumidifier?

When considering a crownline dehumidifier, it’s important to understand what features are most important to you. Here are five key things to look for when purchasing a dehumidifier:
The size of the dehumidifier is important, but so is its capacity. Make sure to choose a model that has enough storage space to accommodate your needs. Large area coverage is also important since you’ll need room in your room or office for the unit. Some people prefer low-noise dehumidifiers while others want ones that are more powerful but noisier. Decide what level of noise you’re comfortable with and research models accordingly. A high energy efficiency rating is key if you’re concerned about your electricity bill. Look for models that have an efficiency rating of at least 90%. Ease of use is another important factor to consider. Make sure the controls are easy to use and that the information displayed on the LCD screen is clear. Some people also prefer dehumidifiers with automatic shutoff features so they don’t have to worry about leaving the unit running all night.

Crownline Dehumidifier Price in Pakistan

The Crownline Dehumidifier is a top-of-the-line dehumidifier that is sure to give your home the humidity it needs to stay healthy and comfortable. If you’re looking for a dehumidifier that’s affordable and reliable, the Crownline is definitely worth considering. Compared to other leading dehumidifiers on the market, the Crownline is incredibly affordable. In addition to being affordable, the Crownline is also easy to use. Simply add water, set the timer, and let the machine do its job – there’s really no need for more complicated controls or settings. If you’re looking for a dehumidifier that will both help you save money and keep your home healthy, the Crownline is definitely worth considering. All models of Crownline Dehumidifier can easily be purchased at Yasir Electronics.

Crownline Dehumidifier Price In Pakistan Updated June 2024

Latest Models of Crownline Dehumidifier 2024 Price Model
Crownline Dehumidifier MD-231-3 ₨85,000.00 MD-231-3
Crownline Dehumidifier MD-283-2 ₨95,000.00 MD-283-2
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