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Varioline Dispenser Prices 2024

A Varioline Dispenser is a home appliance that allows you to dispense water from a safe, clean source. It is a great way to make sure that your water is always clean and safe. This Dispenser allows you to have fresh water at all times so you can stay hydrated and healthy. It has a compact design that takes up little space on the countertop and can be easily installed with a few screws. It is important to have an inbuilt filtration system in the home or office. This ensures that your drinking water stays safe and pure at all times. Yasir Electronics is a dealer that specializes in the design and production of water dispensers. They are one of the leading dealers in this industry and have been producing water dispensers at affordable prices.

Varioline Dispenser

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Varioline Dispenser [With Refrigerator] TRL-20S [White]

Varioline Dispenser [With Refrigerator] TRL-20S [White]

Specification of Varioline Dispenser [With Refrigerator] TRL-20S [White]
  • External Dimensions WxDxH(mm): 310 x 362 x 1000
  • Cold Water Capacity: 2 Ltr / Hr
  • Hot Water Capacity: 4 Ltr / Hr
  • Net Weight (Kgs): 15.6 Kgs
  • Gross Weight (Kgs): 17.7 Kgs
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Cooling Current: 1.0 A
  • Voltage Supply: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Heating Power: 420 W
  • Container Loading (20’/40’): 192/396

Varioline Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Varioline Dispenser is a household appliance that provides clean, safe drinking water to homes. It uses a patented filtration system that removes bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals from the water source. This technology helps to ensure safe drinking water for any home or office building. Varioline Dispenser’s mission is to provide clean drinking water at a low cost while reducing environmental impact.

The Varioline WATER Dispenser is an innovative and unique product that can provide clean, safe drinking water anywhere you are. It has been designed with a single button that allows users to dispense water from either one or two liters of purified drinking water, which is stored in the built-in reservoir. This water dispenser features an easy-to-read LED screen and a digital timer, which allows users to set how long they want the water to stay in their glass before it automatically stops dispensing. It is a compact, smart, and sustainable device which has proven to be more efficient than traditional water dispensers. The designers wanted to make an efficient and sustainable device that would help people save water. It has been designed to be used in homes with no running water.

Advantages of Varioline Water Dispenser

Varioline is a water dispenser that can be used to filter tap water and dispense it in the form of ice cubes, cold water, or hot water. It also comes with a variety of accessories that can be added to make it more convenient for the user. The Varioline Water Dispenser is a product that has gained popularity for its convenience and ease of use. It is made from stainless steel and features an LED light that helps with visibility. Varioline is a product with many benefits over other alternatives such as bottled water or even store-bought ice cubes. It’s easy to use, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Varioline is a water dispenser that automatically refills the water tank. It prevents the need for manual refilling and therefore, saves time and effort. The device has a digital display with a timer that shows how much time is left before the tank needs to be refilled again. Varioline is a water dispenser that is easy to use and provides clean, fresh water to your home. It can be easily installed in your kitchen or bathroom. The main advantage is that it does not require any filters or replacement cartridges. This makes it a very cost-effective solution for families with children who tend to drink a lot of water at home. The Varioline also has an auto shut-off feature which helps save energy and money on electricity bills.

Varioline Water Dispenser Price in Karachi Pakistan 2024

Varioline water dispenser is designed to be used in the home. It has a sleek and compact design, which makes it easy to use. Varioline is a water dispenser that has been designed to be used at home. It is compact and easy to use, with a modern design. It can be used on the countertop or in the kitchen. Varioline is a water dispenser that has a carbon filter and can be used to dispense water at home or in the office. It is designed to reduce the risk of contaminated water.

Varioline is an affordable and effective drinking water filtering system that helps you avoid the health risks of tap water, such as lead, fecal coliforms, and chlorine. Varioline Water Dispenser is a home appliance that makes water fresh and clean. It is a small, portable, and easy-to-use device that can be used in any place. The Varioline Water Dispenser has an affordable price range, making it a practical choice for people who need one for their homes. Yasir Electronics is a dealer that sells innovative and affordable home appliances. They have a wide range of products that are designed to make your life easier.

Varioline Dispenser Price In Pakistan Updated May 2024

Latest Models of Varioline Water Dispenser 2024PriceCapacity Cold/Hot
Varioline Dispenser [With Refrigerator] TRL-20S [White]32,000.002L/H & 4L/H
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