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Jet Cool Water Dispenser IP-6900K

Specifications of Jet Cool Water Dispenser IP-6900K
  • Model No: IP-6900K
  • VOLTAGE: 220-240V-
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Heating Power: 580W
  • Bottom Loading
  • Cooling Power 90W
  • Cooling Current: 0.7A
  • Hot Water: >85°C          5L/H
  • Cold Water: <15°C         4L/H
  • Climate Class: SN/T
  • Coolant: R134a/32g
  • Protection Class: I

Jet Cool Water Dispenser SGL-8900K Big Tank Capacity

Specification of Jet Cool Water Dispenser SGL-8900K Big Tank Capacity
  • Model : SGL-8900K
  • Anti Shock Type : I
  • Weather Type : T


  • Rated Current: 0.8A
  • Consumption: 90W
  • Capacity: 4L/h
  • Hot Water Temperature: 6°-10°C
  • Refrigerant/Pour : R134a/35g


  • Consumption: 430W
  • Capacity: 5L/h
  • Hot Water Temperature: 85°-95°C

Jet Cool Water Dispensers Price in Pakistan

A Jet Cool Water Dispenser is very common in Pakistan. The country is blessed with natural abundance, and hence there is enough space for all the water needs. The demands on these Jet Coolers have increased manifold over time because of various reasons, but the primary one is population growth.

The population is increasing so rapidly that the availability of fresh water will soon be a problem. If we don’t provide water, then there will be difficulties to live and get things done. You can see the Jet Cool Water Dispenser being used across the country.

A Jet Cool Water Dispenser is readily available in different places, and the price range is affordable. You can easily find them on the internet, and they are priced reasonably. The best part about jet cool water dispensers is that they work on solar power and hence, an excellent renewable energy source. In rural areas, this water dispenser is the most common thing you can find. They are also installed at banks and schools.

A Jet Cool Water Dispenser is also very common in hotels and Restaurants. There are facilities provided at such places where you can get heated water as a free service. It would help if you tapped on a machine, including water heated up to temperatures suitable for human consumption. The hot water is then supplied to your room through pipes. Hence it is the perfect way to warm up your room during cold seasons.

Jet Cool Water Dispenser

You can get a Jet Cool Water Dispensers at Yasir Electronics that deals with all Electronic appliances. You will get them in different sizes and depending upon the requirement; you need to choose the one that suits you. Some models can be placed on tables, stands, countertops, and other surfaces. If you want to make use of it in the kitchen, you need to get the dispenser’s right size and place it at the sink. You will be able to warm up the water required for drinking without putting too much effort. Jet Cool Water Dispenser also used in hospitals so that they can provide good cool water for patients.

Why You Should Buy From Yasir Electronics

We have that’s all types of Water Dispensers are Available. We have our Own Display Center, Which is located in Sadder near Abdullah Haroon Road. Where You Can View Our Products Peacefully and Comfortably or You Can Buy From Your Home. You Can Order us Online VIA Call or Website. We, Will, Deliver Products on Your Doorstep. And if you have any issues With Any Products so You Can call us. Our Team Will Serve You on the Same Day.

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