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Panasonic Water Dispenser SDM-WD3128TG Japan Technology

Panasonic Water Dispenser SDM-WD3128TG Japan Technology

Specifications of Panasonic Water Dispenser SDM-WD3128TG
  • Water bottle position: Top load
  • N.W.(kg): 12.8KG
  • G.W.(kg):14.8KG
  • Product Dimensions(mm): 310*360*1005
  • Packing Dimensions(mm):358*386*1060

Panasonic Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

A Panasonic Water Dispenser is the perfect device to protect your child while they are learning to take a shower. The child safety lock prevents water from splashing harmfully, especially if it’s in the case of a cold or hot water setting. This dispenser also makes sure that there is constant pressure in the tank, so the child doesn’t get any shocks. There are different styles of dispensers for different needs, such as for cold, hot or steam. It depends on what kind of environment you are trying to create.

The Panasonic water dispenser is the new item in middle eastern kitchens, and it provides an excellent option for entertaining and provides healthy water. You will find one that will meet your requirements, and which will make your guests smile with delight. It can come as a top counter unit, stand-alone unit or in a large ceramic bowl. Whatever the size, you will surely get value for your money. Some models have different taps to suit different needs, and you can get them to blend with your kitchen’s decor perfectly.

Panasonic was kind enough to provide some details regarding their new water dispenser, and we are going to offer a quick review. Firstly, we will look at the main controls, which are located on the top of the bowl. There are also a waste collection basket, an adjustable hose, two spray nozzles and an audio warning system. This dispenser has a standard three faucet head, but other models are available in this range, which will offer you a lot more options, such as a thermostatic mix control.

Panasonic Water Dispenser in Pakistan

The main differences between the standard hot water and cold water dispensers are that this one uses a bottom loading design. This type of dispenser can also work in conjunction with solar panels and is very easy to install.

There are many Panasonic water dispenser models, and all of them offer the latest technology and the latest in style. We would urge you to look at some of the Panasonic product descriptions, as there are some exciting, vital features essential for a kitchen in your home. This company is a leader in the market and prides itself on providing high quality and stylish products.

The Panasonic water dispenser is available from Yasir Electronics, and it comes with a warranty. It is a very compact and beautiful model and will fit into any corner of your kitchen. One of the best selling features of this appliance is that it has an automatic shut-off feature, which means that when you do not need the cold water, the machine will shut itself off and save you energy and money. The warm water comes on automatically whenever you are using the refrigerator or other appliances with an automatic shut-off.

Why You Should Buy From Yasir Electronics

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Panasonic Water Dispenser Price In Pakistan Updated May 2024

Latest Models of Panasonic Water Dispenser 2024PriceCapacity Cold/Hot
Panasonic Water Dispenser SDM-WD3128TG44,000.0020L/H
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