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Greetings and welcome to Yasir Electronics, your one-stop shop for all kitchen appliance requirements. We understand the significance of a well-equipped kitchen, and one of the most important appliances for any modern kitchen is the cooking range. We offer everything you need to know about cooking ranges, including what they are, the differences between gas and electric cooking ranges, their energy efficiency, and the process of upgrading your kitchen with a new cooking range from Yasir Electronics. We'll also provide insights into cooking range prices in Pakistan, helping you make an informed decision for your home.

Cooking Range

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Whirlpool 5-Burners Cooking Range WM9GC6DCX

Whirlpool 5-Burners Cooking Range WM9GC6DCX

  • Whirlpool Gas Cooker features oven+grill and 5 gas including triple crown(sabaf) with 89L cavity capacity
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan support
  • Glass oven door with a mirror finish
  • Auto electric ignition
Ariston Cooking Range A6GG1F (X) EXAriston Cooking Range A6GG1F (X) EX

Ariston Cooking Range A6GG1F (X) EX

  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Power of 1st heating element (W): 1900
  • Power of 3rd heating element(W) :1900
Ariston Cooking Range A9GG1FC

Ariston Cooking Range A9GG1FC

  • 5 gas Burner (left zone 1750 W & 3000 W, middle zone 3600 W, right zone 1750 W & 1000 W)
  • Automatic lighters and safety sensors on all burners
  • Placemat with enamel coating
  • Oven Capacity: 120 Liters
  • Equipped with turnspit / rotisserie
  • Timer
  • Grill player
  • Double knobs for oven and grill
  • Ovens and grills can be used together
Ariston Cooking Range BAM 951 EGS S

Ariston Cooking Range BAM 951 EGS S

  • Width (cm): 90.0
  • Hob type: GAS
  • Oven self-cleaning technology: Easy to clean enamel
Ariston Cooking Range BAM940EMSM Gas & Electric

Ariston Cooking Range BAM940EMSM Gas & Electric

  • No of Burners/Hobs: 4
  • Energy input: Gas
  • Built-In / Free Standing: Free Standing
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 850 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Color: Stainless Steel
Bosch Cooking Range HGVDA0Q50MBosch Cooking Range HGVDA0Q50M

Bosch Cooking Range HGVDA0Q50M

  • The stainless-steel gas cooktop: its high quality and premium design lets you enjoy cooking longer.
  • The low-profile stainless steel cooking surface is easily accessible and quick to clean.
  • Continuous grate design to easily move heavy pots and pans.
  • High output burner: cooking at up to 4 kW.
  •  XXL Cavity delivers you 147 liters of maximum space to bake and roast
Siemens Cooking Range HG2I1TQ50M 5 Burner With Gas OvenSiemens Cooking Range HG2I1TQ50M 5 Burner With Gas Oven

Siemens Cooking Range HG2I1TQ50M 5 Burner With Gas Oven

  • Gas hob
  • 1 rapid, 2 standard, 1 economy, 1 wok burner
  • Front left: Rapid burner 2.9 KW
  • Rear left: Standard burner 1.65 KW
  • Center: WOK burner 3.6 KW
  • Rear right: Standard burner 1.65 KW
  • Front right: Economy burner 0.9 KW
  • 1-hand ignition
  • Full flame safety
  • Cast iron pan supports
  • glass cover lid
Tecnogas Cooking Range N3X96G5VCTecnogas Cooking Range N3X96G5VC

Tecnogas Cooking Range N3X96G5VC

  • Power: Gas
  • Dimension: 90cm
  • Burners: 5
  • Burner Material: SABAF
  • Pan Support Material: Cast Iron
  • Oven: Yes + FAN
  • Safety: Burner & Oven
Toshiba Cooking Range TBA-36LMG5G089KS 5 BurnerToshiba Cooking Range TBA-36LMG5G089KS 5 Burner

Toshiba Cooking Range TBA-36LMG5G089KS 5 Burner

  • Premium & Ergonomic Design
  • 5 SABAF Burners
  • Advanced Convection Fan
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • TruClean Enamel Cavity
LG Gas Cooker FA415RMALG Gas Cooker FA415RMA

LG Gas Cooker FA415RMA

  • Capacity: 90 Litre
  • Dimension (W X H X D): 895 x 769 x 600 mm
  • Main Technology: 5 Cook Zones
  • Additional Benefit: Rotissrie Grilling
  • Rotissrie Grilling
  • Removable Door Glass
  • Flame Failure Device
  • Catalytic Cleaning
Lofratelli Cooking Range 6040

Lofratelli Cooking Range OG 6040 1X 4 Burner


• Only top plate is stainless steel
• 4 gas euro pool type burners
• Standart enameled grids
• Splash back cover (stainless steel)
• Gas oven
• Single burner in the oven
• Aluminium handle
• 1 tray + 1 grid
• Double glass oven door
• Without dishwarmer
• LPG adjusted
• Front panel side panels and
dishwarmer panel are grey color
(or any color)

Lofratelli Cooking Range OE6004

Lofratelli Cooking Range OE6004HP /1X


Jo• 2 x 1000 Watt plate
• 2 x 1500 Watt plate
• Metal cover
• Electrical oven
• Up and down heating elements
• Thermostat for electric oven
• Aluminium handle
• 1 tray + 1 grid
• Double glass oven door
• Without dishwarmer

Lofratelli Cooking Range OG9050

Lofratelli Cooking Range OG9050PRM 5 Burner


• 5 gas burner (Euro pool type burners)
• Middle burner is triple burner
• Standart enameled top grids
• Glass top lid
• Gas oven
• Single burner in the oven part
• Ladder wire racks for the oven cavity
• Double glass oven door
• Aluminium handle
• 1 tray + 1 grid
• High chrome legs
• Without dishwarmer

What is a Cooking Range?

A cooking range, often simply referred to as a stove or oven, is a kitchen appliance designed for cooking food. It typically combines a cooktop and an oven in a single unit, providing a versatile and convenient solution for preparing a wide variety of dishes. Cooking Range is a part of any kitchen, offering the means to boil, fry, bake, roast, and much more.

Gas vs. Electric Cooking Range

When it comes to choosing a cooking range, one of the first decisions you’ll face is whether to go with a gas or electric model. Every choice has a unique set of benefits.

Gas Cooking Range:

Gas cooking ranges are a popular choice for many households. They use natural gas or propane as a fuel source to provide an open flame for cooking. Here are some key points to consider when opting for a gas cooking range:

Quick Heat: Gas ranges heat up quickly, allowing for exact temperature control. This makes them ideal for tasks like searing and stir-frying.

Even Heat Distribution: Gas burners distribute heat evenly, reducing the chances of hot spots during cooking.

Cost-Efficient: Natural gas is often less expensive than electricity, making gas ranges a cost-effective choice for many.

Reliable Operation: Gas ranges can continue to operate during power outages, ensuring that you can cook even when the electricity is down.

Electric Cooking Range:

Electric cooking ranges use electricity to heat coil burners or induction elements. Here are some considerations when thinking about an electric cooking range:

Smooth Design: Electric ranges often come with a smooth glass or ceramic surface, which is not only easy to clean but also adds a modern touch to your kitchen.

Exact Temperature Control: Electric ranges offer exact temperature settings, making them suitable for tasks like baking and boiling.

Safety Features: Many electric ranges have safety features such as automatic shut-off and child locks, making them a safe choice for families with children.

Easy Installation: Electric ranges are easy to install, as they only require an electrical outlet.

The choice between gas and electric cooking ranges largely depends on your cooking preferences, kitchen setup, and budget. Yasir Electronics offers a wide range of both gas and electric cooking ranges, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Energy Efficiency in Cooking Ranges

In today’s world, energy efficiency is an important consideration for any home appliance. A more energy-efficient cooking range not only helps reduce your energy bills but also contributes to a sustainable environment. Here are some factors to look for when considering the energy efficiency of a cooking range:

Type of Range: Electric ranges are generally more energy-efficient than gas ranges, as they convert a higher percentage of energy into heat. However, the source of your electricity also matters, as using renewable energy sources can make your electric range even more eco-friendly.

Cooking Methods: The way you use your cooking range can impact energy efficiency. For example, using flat-bottomed cookware can maximise the contact area with the heating element, improving energy transfer. Additionally, using lids on pots and pans can trap heat and reduce cooking time.

Insulation and Seals: Well-insulated ovens and tight seals on oven doors prevent heat from escaping, which means your cooking range doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.

Yasir Electronics offers a selection of energy-efficient cooking ranges that can help you save on your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Upgrading Your Kitchen with a New Cooking Range at Yasir Electronics

Investing in a new cooking range is not just about choosing the right model; it’s also about upgrading your kitchen’s overall functionality and creativity. Here are some steps to consider when upgrading your kitchen with a new cooking range from Yasir Electronics:

Measure Your Space: Before making a purchase, measure the available space in your kitchen to ensure your new cooking range fits perfectly. Take into account the width, depth, and height to avoid any installation issues.

Choose the Right Fuel Type: Decide whether you want a gas or electric cooking range based on your cooking preferences and kitchen setup.

Design and Style: Consider the design and style of the cooking range that matches your kitchen’s style. Yasir Electronics offers a variety of designs, from sleek and modern to classic and elegant.

Additional Features: Explore additional features like convection ovens, self-cleaning functions, and smart technology combinations to enhance your cooking experience.

Installation: Once you’ve made your choice, rely on professional installation services to ensure your new cooking range is set up correctly and safely.

Maintenance and Care: Learn how to care for and maintain your cooking range to prolong its lifespan and performance.

At Yasir Electronics, we provide not only high-quality cooking ranges but also expert guidance and professional installation services to make your kitchen upgrade a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Cooking Range Price in Pakistan

Understanding the cost of cooking ranges in Pakistan is essential when planning your kitchen upgrade. Prices can differ based on factors such as brand, size, features, and fuel type. Here’s a general overview of cooking range prices in Pakistan:

Budget Range: Entry-level cooking ranges can start at around PKR 125,000 and go up to PKR 250,000. These models typically offer basic features and may be smaller in size.

Mid-Range Options: Mid-range cooking ranges, offering a balance of features and affordability, can be found in the price range of PKR 265,000 to PKR 310,000.

Premium Models: Premium cooking ranges with advanced features and high-end designs can range from PKR 360,000 to PKR 380,000 or more.

It’s important to set a budget that aligns with your requirements and preferences while considering long-term savings in energy costs. Yasir Electronics offers a diverse selection of cooking ranges to fit different budgets and preferences.


A cooking range is an indispensable appliance that plays a central role in your kitchen. Whether you prefer a gas or electric model, Yasir Electronics has you covered with a wide range of options that cater to various needs and budgets. 

Choosing the best cooking range for your kitchen is not only about upgrading your cooking experience but also enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of your home. With the right guidance and professional installation services, your journey to a better-equipped kitchen becomes an effortless endeavour. We understand the importance of energy efficiency and offer products that help you save on energy bills while enjoying top-notch performance. 

At Yasir Electronics, we are committed to providing you with the best cooking range solutions in Pakistan. So, upgrade your kitchen today and make cooking a delightful experience!

Cooking Range Price In Pakistan Updated June 2024

Latest Models of Cooking Range 2024 Price Model
Lofratelli Cooking Range OG 6040 1X 4 Burner ₨125,000.00 OG6040
Ariston Cooking Range A6GG1F (X) EX ₨175,000.00 A6GG1F (X)
Lofratelli Cooking Range OG9050PRM 5 Burner ₨210,000.00 OG9050PRM
Lofratelli Cooking Range OE6004HP /1X ₨250,000.00 OE6004HP
LG Gas Cooker FA415RMA ₨265,000.00 FA415RMA
Bosch Cooking Range HGVDA0Q50M ₨380,000.00 HGVDA0Q50M
Siemens Cooking Range HG2I1TQ50M 5 Burner With Gas Oven ₨380,000.00 HG2I1TQ50M
Tecnogas Cooking Range N3X96G5VC ₨370,000.00 N3X96G5VC
Toshiba Cooking Range TBA-36LMG5G089KS 5 Burner ₨360,000.00 36LMG5G089KS
Ariston Cooking Range BAM940EMSM Gas & Electric ₨310,000.00 BAM940EMSM
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