Commercial Fruit Juice Juicer Extractor

Material: Stainless steel
Voltage: AC110V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 370W
Plug: US plug
Speed: 2800r / min
Juice amount: 80-100kg / hr
Size: 340*70*360cm
Weight: approx 12kg
1. Made of stainless steel + aluminium alloy, durable.
2. Adjust the juice outlets in 8 different positions.
3. Fruit, vegetable juice and fruit and vegetable residue can be separated.
1. Inside the machine, insert the two locating pin tightening nuts into the blade, cover the cover and adjust the small bolts on the two hooks, and fasten the two laps (the cover is not loose). Boot up.
2. This machine can’t squeeze fruit with hardcore, such as peach, mango and banana, coconut and so on.
3. The slag outlet should be kept open.
4. Do not flush the outside of the machine to avoid accidents such as electric leakage.
5. Before cleaning the juicer, first unplug the power and turn off the machine.
Packing including: