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General Window Air Conditioner 1.5 TON (WITH REMOTE) AXG18ABTH


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Specifications of General Window Air Conditioner 1.5 TON AXG18ABTH
  • power input: 1800 W
  • airflow features: Fresh Air Intake, Air Flow High: 554 CFM, Automatic Air Flow Adjustment
  • general capacity in Tons: 1.5 Ton
  • Ac Type: Window
  • title: O General AXGT18AATH 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC
  • brand: O General
  • model no: AXGT18AATH
  • star rating: 3
  • modes: other modes Quiet Mode: Present
  • sleep mode: Yes
  • remote control: Yes
  • remote LCD Remote with Backlit, On/Off Timer
  • convenience features
  • body design features
  • other body design features Rear Cabinet Protection
  • color: White
  • refrigerant R-22
  • compressor Advanced Hyper Tropical Rotary
  • filters: Anti-bacteria filter Yes
  • Watt operating current: 8.4
  • Ampere: 2.84 W/W
  • Moisture removal: 2 Litres
  • House cooling capacity: 5120 W
  • Power requirements: 230 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz



Services installation

installation details Once the product is received, call the brand customer care at 1860 2081 007 to schedule a demo/installation, please note down the device serial no/ model no. and the name of the merchant while requesting the same. Standard Installation charges may be applicable. If applicable, same need to be paid at the time of installation to the brand installation team in cash. Please do not open the box until the demo/installation personnel is present. This shall help in the rare case of any product defect/d
installation cooling performance


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