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LG Refrigerator Top Freezer GN-B222SQBB


Price Summary
  • 165,000
  • 165,000
  • 165,000
In Stock
  • Moist Balance Crisper™
  • Pull Out Tray
  • Smart Diagnosis™
  • Big Size Veggie Box
  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Double Door
  • IEC Net – Total: 209
  • IEC Net – Freezer: 44
  • IEC Net – Refrigerator: 165
  • Net/Packing: 45/50
  • Height (Net): 1,520
  • Depth (Net): 585
  • Width (Net): 555
  • Product (Width x Height x Depth): 555 X 1,520 X 585
  • Display – Mechanic: Yes
  • Temp. control – Digital Sensors (RT Sensor): Yes
  • Cooling System: In direct Cooling
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/year): 303
  • Inverter Compressor: Yes
  • Star Rating: 5-Star
  • Finish (Door): PCM-Dark Graphite steel
  • Bio Shield (gasket); Yes
  • Lamp: Ceiling LED
  • Multi-Air Flow: Yes
  • Shelf – Tempered Glass: Yes 2EA
  • Door basket – Transparent: Yes 2EA , HALF 1 EA
  • Veg Box Cover T/V – Plastic: Yes
  • Vegetable Box – One (without Divider): Yes
  • Vegetable Box – Humidity Controller: Yes
  • Egg Tray Yes Integrated, 16 hole
  • Multi-Air Flow: Yes
  • Ice maker – Normal Ice Tray: Yes
  • Door basket – Transparent: Yes 2EA
  • Shelf – Plastic: Yes

Moist Balance Crisper™

Excess moisture from food evaporates and then condenses on the lattice instead of puddling around your food, thus maintaining the right balance of moisture in the box.

Pull-out Tray

No more bending or reaching – the pull-out tray lets you easily access items at the back of the fridge.

Big Size
Veggie Box

The roomier vegetable drawer offers a whole 28 liters of storage space. You can load up on plenty of produce with just one trip to the store and have lots of room to keep it all fresh in the fridge.

Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor

LG’s intelligent Smart Inverter Compressor is an energy expert, adjusting cooling power based on quantities of stored food and the inside and outside temperature of the refrigerator. The Smart Inverter Compressor also generates less noise, making your kitchen a quiet, relaxing place to enjoy. Backed by a 10 years warranty!

Smart Diagnosis™

You’ll have no problem in the event your fridge does. LG’s Smart Diagnosis™ lets you easily troubleshoot any issues. LG call center representatives can quickly diagnose most problems over the phone, saving you the time and expense of a service call during your busy schedule.
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