Samsung Refrigerator RT20HAR3 DSA 2 Door with Digital Inverter Technology


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  • 130,000.00
  • 130,000.00
  • 130,000.00
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Specifications of Samsung Refrigerator RT20HAR3
  • Capacity (CFT) : 7.6 CFT
  • Net Total 203
  • Freezer 53
  • Refrigerator 150
  • Gross Total 216
  • Freezer 60
  • Refrigerator 156
  • Net (WxHxD) 555 x 1,465 x 637mm
  • Net Case Height with Hinge 1,465mm
  • Net Depth with Door Handle 637mm
  • Net Depth without Door Handle 637mm
  • Net Depth without Door 545mm
  • Gross (WxHxD) 582 x 1,510 x 674mm
  • Weight Net 47.5kg
  • Gross 54.0kg
  • No frost Yes
  • Multi flow Yes
  • Shelves Number of Shelf 2ea
  • Materials of shelves Glass
  • Number of Vegetable and Fruit Drawer 1ea
  • Number of Door Pocket 3ea
  • Type of Door Pocket Transparent
  • Egg Container Yes
  • Interior Light (WxEA) LED Lighting
  • Cool ever zone Moist Fresh Zone
  • Icemaker Twist Ice Maker
  • Number of Shelf 1ea
  • Plastic 1ea
  • Door Pocket
  • Number of Door Pocket 2ea
  • Type of Door Pocket Transparent
  • Handle Recessed
  • Color SA (Metal Graphite)
  • Refrigerant R-600a
  • Cyclopentane Insulation Yes

Excellent Freshness – Food Waste Reduction

Effective RPM adjustment improves humidity preservation and prolongs quality and freshness of food. It reduces a large amount of food wastage.

Energy Efficiency

The RT20HAR3D boasts incomparable energy efficiency at annual power consumption rates as low as 235kWh, 45.7% lower than the minimum standard of Energy Efficiency Label Grades.

MoistFresh Zone™

Samsung’s MoistFresh Zone with its perfect-fit design eliminates the gaps existing in conventional crispers. The tight-sealed drawer maintains optimal humidity with conduction cooling technology.

90° door opening

MoistFresh Zone can fully extend out when the door is open only at 90°. This convenient feature allows the refrigerator to be placed in a small space or in a tight corner where the door can only be opened 90 °.

Multi Flow

Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets at every shelf level to maintain optimal temperatures to keep food fresh longer.

Tempered Glass Shelves

These shelves not only provide strong support, but offer a clear view of the items stored.

No Frost

Samsung’s no frost models will not build up any frost, so users never have to worry about defrosting their refrigerator again.

Twist Icemaker

A simple twist, that is all you need to pop out the ice cubes.

Recess Handler

A modern style Recess Handle features an advanced door opening feature for enabling an easy and effortless opening.

Silver Plus Deodorizer

The Deodorizing Filter has a natural fiber filter and deodorizing filter to eliminate food smell and bacteria that changes the original smell of groceries.

Big Guard

A wider and deeper Big Guard can store big and tall bottles easily, enabling you to enjoy a big bottle of beverage for a long period of time or to store more and various beverages.

Eco LED Lighting

The bright LED lighting enables you to locate the items easily. It emits less heat than conventional bulb lighting so your food stays fresh for a long time. The semi-permanent LED lighting is more efficient and saves you money on energy costs.

Specifications Net Total 203L
Cooling System All Around Cooling
EEL Level 1
Freezing Capacity (Kg/24 hour) 4.13
Capacity Net Capacity
Total 203L
Freezer 53L
Refrigerator 150L
Total 216L
Freezer 60L
Refrigerator 156L
Design Dimension
Net Width (W x H x D) 555 x 1,465 x 637 mm
Net Case Height with Hinge 1,465 mm
Net Depth with Door Handle 637 mm
Net Depth without Door Handle 637 mm
Net Depth without Door 545 mm
Loading Quantity
20/40/40Hft 40 Hft: 91
Net Capacity 47.5 kg
Gross 54.0 kg
Cooling Feature No Frost Yes
Multi flow System Yes
Exterior Features Handle Recessed
Color SA (Metal Graphite)
Refrigerator Feature Shelves
Number of Shelf 3
Materials of Shelves Glass
Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer 1
Egg Container Yes
Coolever Zone MoistFresh Zone
Door Pocket
Number of Door Pocket 3
Type of Door Pocket Transparency
Interior Light LED Lighting
Freezer Feature Ice maker Twist Ice Maker
Number of Shelf 1
Door Pocket
Number of Door Pocket 2
Type of Door Pocket Transparent
Others Refrigerant R-600a
Cyclopentane Insulation Yes


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