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Samsung Refrigerator RT50K5030S8


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Specifications of Samsung Refrigerator RT50K5030S8
  • Capacity (CFT): 13.5 CFT
  • Net Total (Liter, ISO Storage Volume): 384
  • Net for Freezer (Liter): 89
  • Net for Refrigerator (Liter): 295
  • Net (WxH)(mm): 675 x 1785
  • Net Width (mm): 675
  • Net Case Height with Hinge (mm): 1785
  • Net Depth with Door Handle (mm): 668
  • Net Depth without Door Handle (mm): 668
  • Net Depth without Door (mm): 581
  • Packing Width (mm): 706
  • Packing Height (mm): 1840
  • Packing Depth (mm): 692
  • Net Weight (kg): 66
  • Packing Weight (kg): 72
  • Frost Free: Yes
  • Multi-Flow: Yes
  • Cooling Type: Twin
  • Cooling Plus Deodorizer:Yes
  • Number of Shelf (Total):4 EA
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer: 1 EA
  • Number of Door Pocket: 4 EA
  • Egg Container (Egg Tray): Yes
  • Interior: LED Light
  • Anti-Bacteria: Yes
  • Big Guards: Yes
    Icemaker: Twist
  • Number of Shelves (Total): 1 EA
  • Number of Door Pocket: 2 EA
  • Refrigerant: R-600a
  • Compressor: Digital Inverter
  • Compressor Door Handle: Recess
  • Color: Elegant Inox
  • Water Dispenser: No
  • Noise Level: 39 dBA
  • Energy Grade: ESMA 3 Star

Moisture-Full Freshness all over the fridge

Only Twin Cooling Plus™ creates a favorable environment for preserving fresh food in the fridge with 70% humidity, compared to 30% in a conventional TMF. So it keeps ingredients fresh for longer without drying out.

Deliciously tasty, odor-free frozen food

The Twin Cooling Plus™ system cools the compartments separately to stop unexpected odors from spreading from fridge to freezer. So frozen food retains more of its original flavor.

5 Conversion Modes on demand

Provides the ultimate in flexible storage. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge to keep all the fresh food you need to store for different seasons or special occasions. Or switch to off* mode to save energy, depending on spec.

Works longer more quietly & uses less energy

Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand across 7 levels. It uses less energy, minimizes noise, and reduces wear and tears for a longer-lasting performance.

Clearly see everything inside

High-efficiency LED lighting is slimmer, cooler, and more power-efficient than conventional lighting. Located on the top, it beautifully and brilliantly illuminates every corner, ensuring better visibility.

Specifications Net Total (Liter) ‎384‎
Net (WxH)(mm) 675 x 1785
Capacity Net Total (Liter, ISO Storage Volume) ‎384‎
Net for Freezer (Liter) ‎89‎
Net for Refrigerator (Liter) ‎295‎
Physical specification Net (WxH)(mm) 675 x 1785
Net Width (mm) ‎675
Net Case Height with Hinge (mm) ‎1785
Net Depth with Door Handle (mm) ‎668‎
Net Depth without Door Handle (mm) ‎668‎
Net Depth without Door (mm) 581‎
Packing Width (mm) 706‎
Packing Height (mm) ‎1840‎
Packing Depth (mm) ‎692‎
Net Weight (kg) ‎66‎
Packing Weight (kg) ‎72‎
20/40/40H (Container) 24/51/70
Cooling Feature Frost Free Yes
Multi Flow Yes
Cooling Type Twin Cooling Plus
Refrigerator Feature Deodorizer Yes
Number of Shelf (Total) 4 EA
Shelf Material Tempered Glass
Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer 1 EA
Number of Door Pocket 4 EA
Egg Container (Egg Tray) Yes
Interior LED Light LED
Anti-Bacteria Yes
Big Guards Yes
Freezer Icemaker Twist
Shelf Material Plastic
Number of Shelf (Total) 1 EA
Number of Door Pocket 2 EA
General Feature Refrigerant R-600a
Compressor Digital Inverter Compressor
Exterior Door Handle Recess
Color Elegant Inox
Water Dispenser No
Performance Noise Level 39 dBA
Energy Energy Grade ESMA 3 Star

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