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LG 15 Kg Top Load Washing Machine T2515VS2B


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  • 180,000
  • 180,000
  • 180,000
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  • Smart Inverter Motor
  • Smart Motion
  • TurboDrum™
  • LoDecibel™ Quiet System
  • Smart Diagnosis™

Spin cycle (rpm): 700 rpm

washing tub: stainless steel

washing dishes: plastic

heating system: do not have

preset timer program: have

Soft Closing Door: have

Tub wash program: have

Smart Function: Smart Diagnosis

body size: Width 632 X Height 1020 X Depth 670 mm.

weight: 44 kg.

Input power (watts): 200 watts

motor system: Smart Inverter

Save more energy with a Smart Inverter motor

Inverter system It is a technology that saves energy. with better control over the work Improves motor performance This makes it more energy-saving and durable.

Auto Restart

When the washing machine stops working due to a power outage or a power outage, it can automatically resume continuous work when the power is restored.

Standby Power Save

Even if we plug in the washing machine while the machine is turned off Very low power consumption, you don’t have to worry about power at all.

Smart Motion

The drum can be rotated in 3 different ways, which are controlled by the Smart Inverter system to increase the efficiency of washing and preserving the clothes.


Increase washing efficiency and remove deep stains with a powerful whirlpool. caused by the reverse rotation of the washing machine drum and washing dishes


The Punch+3 rotary dish creates vertical water waves that will help the fabrics spread apart, improving washing efficiency.

Auto Pre Wash

The Auto Pre Wash program is an easy way to help remove deep stains from fabrics. Like adding 1 wash before normal washing

Side Waterfall

The water discharge point of the waterfall system allows the detergent to spread into the fabric faster and more evenly. It also includes better removal of detergent residues in the fabric.

LoDecibel™ Motor Quiet & Vibration Reduction

BMC System, in addition to protecting the motor It also reduces working noise. and reduce vibration while the machine is working which we guarantee the motor for 10 years

Smart Diagnosis™

If there is a problem in use You can use the application or call LG Service Center to analyze problems that arise It saves time, is convenient and doesn’t have to wait for a technician to check at home.

Safe and comfortable to use

Modern design and increased durability Increase the convenience of use
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