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LG 21 Kg Top Load Washing Machine TH2721DS2B1


Price Summary
  • 290,000
  • 290,000
  • 290,000
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  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor
  • Auto Tub Clean Automatically cleans the tub.
  • Auto Pre Wash, add 1 wash before entering the normal washing
  • ThinQ TM can control the washing machine from anywhere, anytime.
  • Spin cycle (rpm): 950rpm
  • washing tub: stainless steel
  • washing dishes: stainless steel
  • heating system: do not have
  • preset timer program: have
  • Soft Closing Door: have
  • Tub wash program: have
  • Smart Function: ThinQ WI-FI
  • body size: Width 690 X Height 1023 X Depth 730 mm.
  • weight: 57 kg.
  • Input power (watts): 500 watts
  • motor system: Direct Drive

Clean & Fast

WaveForce™ and JetSpray create powerful waves. to increase washing and rinsing efficiency Combined with the counter-rotating TurboDrum™ This results in TurboWash3D™ technology washing clothes cleaner and faster.
WaveForce™ + JetSpray

Powerful waterfalls and water sprays

The power of water waves from both powerful waterfalls and water sprays. improves washing efficiency As the drum circulates through a powerful stream of water.

Rotate the tub and dishes.

Dishes and tubs spin opposite each other. It produces a powerful vortex that rubs the cloth in an efficient but gentle way.

giving you more free time

Wash with WaveForce™ technology to improve washing efficiency. In the rinsing process, JetSpray water spray technology allows your clothes to be washed faster in less than 40 minutes! TurboWash3D™ takes care of the tedious laundry tasks. And it gives you more time for other things in life.

save energy and water

TurboWash™ helps you save water and energy. By maintaining the same washing efficiency.
Auto Tub Clean

Keep the tub clean at all times.

The Auto Tub Clean function allows you to easily clean the tub. and removes musty odors and dirt from the drum This will help your tub to be ready for cleaner laundry.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor™

Direct motor, inverter system Help the washing machine to work hard.
Robust and quiet Comes with a 10 year motor warranty.
ThinQ TM

Order laundry conveniently via Wi-Fi.

ThinQ TM technology allows you to operate and monitor the washing machine anywhere, anytime. You can check the energy consumption rate. Download more new washing programs and analyze the initial problems as well.
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