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Mitsubishi Refrigerator MR-F56EN (Brown,Steel)


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  • 420,000
  • 420,000
  • 420,000
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Specification of Mitsubishi Refrigerator MR-F56EN
  • Colors: Brown & Steel.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Chilled compartment: 360 (liters)
  • Freezer: 150 (liters)
  • Total capacity: 510/18 (liters / cubic)
  • Weight: 85 (kg)
  • Color: Stainless steel, Brown Wave Line
  • Door: 2
  • Capacity(L): 510
  • Dimensions(mm): 751×795×1777
  • Dimensions(mm): 751×795×1777

According to the requirements of the European Union – RoHS limits the use of 6 substances that are harmful to the environment.
And safety equipment Use non-flammable parts. – Superior safety standards
Receive the maximum energy-saving label no. 5.
Can be magnetized But lightweight – Uni Glossy special lacquer, glass-like shine
Door Alarm Alarm when not closing the door for more than 1 minute to prevent loss of cold
Twist ice box with Triple Ice Twister storage box
Long service life, low heat – LED Lighting illuminates every channel
MINUS – ION helps maintain the value and freshness of food for a long time

Tempered glass shelves in the Tempered Glass Shelves can support up to 100 Kg.
Helps to preserve your green leafy vegetables for longer freshness – Vitamin Factory light orange color in the vegetable freezer
Automatic filter to eliminate odors

ANTI-BACTERIA DOOR GASKET Refrigerator door seal with mold inhibitors.
ANTI-BACTERIA FOOD LINER, freezer compartment with antibacterial agent
Quiet operation and energy saving – DC Fan Motor, cooling fan
Multi Air-Flow Cooling System
Compressor Inverter comes with up to 10 levels of work to help save more energy.
Multi Fan, the internal fan (Inner Fan) dissipates the heat inside the cabinet and (Outer Fan) blows the heat to the compressor, extending the useful life.
Learn and remember consumer behavior for maximum efficiency. That has an intelligent chip to control the operation – Neuro Inverter.

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