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Mitsubishi Refrigerator MR-FX38EP (Brown, Black, Silver)


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Specifications of Mitsubishi Refrigerator MR-FX38EP
  • Model name: MR-FX38EP
  • Door type: 2 doors
  • Total capacity (liters/cubic): 346 / 12.2
  • Color Option: Black, Silver, Brown
  • Freezer: 98
  • Chilled compartment (liters): 246
  • Weight (kg): 73
  • Electric power (Watts): 86
  • Neuro Inverter: Inverter
  • Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm): 699 x 1620 x 720
  • Cooling system: MULTI AIRFLOW
  • The freezer compartment inhibits bacteria.
  • Mold door cabinet inhibits mold
  • Power-packed vegetable compartment, orange light
  • Safety glass
  • Odor removal system
  • Alert door
  • Negative ions
  • Light: LED Light

NEURO INVERTER Collaboration For maximum efficiency
NEURO FUZZY SYSTEM, intelligent chip work system
VITAMIN FACTORY vegetable compartment, orange light
LED LIGHT, LED light Clearly visible items of soaking
TEMPERED GLASS shelves that can support up to 100 Kg.
DOOR ALARM. Beep when forget to close the door.

ANTI-BACTERIA FOOD LINER The freezer compartment wall contains anti-bacterial growth.

ANTI-BACTERIA DOOR GASKET Refrigerator door seal with mold inhibitors.
MINUS-ION, a natural mineral sheet releasing negative ions For clean and fresh air
MULTI AIRFLOW surround air distribution system
FILTER automatic deodorizing system
GLASS DOOR glass door, special design with GBR / GBK colors

UNI GLOSSY special coating Mirror shine with BRW color
Superior safety standards Use non-flammable parts. And safety equipment

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