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Samsung Refrigerator RT62K7350BS


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Specification of Samsung Refrigerator RT62K7350BS

  • Brand SAMSUNG
  • Model RT62K7350BSST
  • Capacity (L) 569 L
  • Water Dispenser Water
  • Cooling System Power Freeze & Power Cool (Top Mount Freezer)
  • Compressor Warranty 10 years
  • Cool Select Plus+ Intelligent Temperature Adjustable Compartment
  • Power FreezePower Cool Cooling Accelerator Mode
  • Anti-Bacteria Protector

Regulates freshness and humidity throughout the refrigerator

Twin Cooling PlusTM alone creates an interior environment with 70% humidity suitable for food stored in the refrigerator. Compared to the old TMF refrigerator at 30% humidity, freshness can be maintained longer and it will not dry out.

Frozen food is fresh and odorless.

The Twin Cooling PlusTM system separates the cooling of each compartment of the refrigerator, so there is no transfer of odors from compartment to compartment.

Don’t worry about buying a lot of food and not having a place to store it

The interior is spacious and can store up to 620 liters. With SpaceMaxTM technology that expands inside and out, you don’t need to expand.

You can change the 5 methods you want to use

Maximize storage The freezer can be easily converted to a refrigerator, so fresh food can be stored seasonally as needed, and the closing method can be changed to save energy.

Ice and liquid cooling

With the push of a Power Cool button, a thick stream of cold air can become cold or icy, quickly freezing food. The Power Freeze button also freezes frozen foods even harder.

Cooling and freezing can be done at the push of a button

With CoolSelect Plus, you can maximize food storage and keep food fresher. With the push of a button, you can turn the fridge into a freezer and set the temperature to your liking – 3°C, -5°C or -12°C.

Longer use, no annoying noise and less power consumption

With digital inverter technology, the air compressor can be automatically changed and 7 levels of cold can be used as desired, using less power. The Fri-term quality of the refrigerator is maintained by the absence of disturbing sounds and the reduction of damage

Easy to make and keep organized

The Deli Tray in the compact design is removable, saving space and saving space.

All internals are clearly visible

The efficient and slim LED light is more energy-saving than the old-fashioned light, placed on the top and side, and provides a clear and beautiful view from every corner.

The air is clean and always refreshing

Anti-Bacterial Protector Keeps the fridge clean and healthy Air passes through the Activated Carbon protector, killing bacteria and eliminating odors.

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